C25K Week1 Day1&2

Have you heard of Couch 2 5 K? (C25K). I have completed my 2nd day! Monday's Post... Well, it sounded like I had no motivation, didn't it? 

Well... I kicked my own ass and I got out there and ran with puppy!  
C25K Week1 Day1 (Monday) -- Ran at sunset, was a nice time to run
A friend of mine is letting me borrow a doggy backpack for Koodge, and I think he loves it! I put my water bottle in on one side, and a bag of rice on the other (so the weight is even)... And it tires him out! YAY! Yay for puppies who feel like they're doing work! 

 Doesn't he look so handsome?? It's like... He means BUSINESS! lol

Well... It was a ton of fun for day one. I cannot believe I actually did it! I ran! jogged, for short bursts of time! lol. It was a great feeling that I actually accomplished something like this! And it was the perfect evening to start! 

Today, I took on Day2 of Week1. 
Graffiti. Saw this when I had to take a break in the shade.
Going out today at high noon was a mistake! Man, it was only 73*F, and I WAS MISERABLE. I could barely breathe! Ugh. I don't think puppy was too happy about it either because 5 mins into the run he stopped to poop. LOL. Even though, he had just pooped before we started! Ack! lol. It was pretty funny. It was like a screeching halt and I am pretty sure we both almost died. After that he was running beside me again. But it's more like a fast walk for him. :/ I'll get there, I'm sure! 

 The beginning of the run trail that I take for my C25K training. And then Puppy after the run today, he seemed to be pretty happy about expelling that energy! 

Anyway. I still did it. Even though, I had to walk through 1.5 of the run segments, I still completed it! I mean, it's a loop... lol. But, I did it, in the heat. I sweated like a piggert. And then later on, I went to my weights work out, and then did some more cardio. Whew!

I'll keep you posted about Friday's C25K run! Cause that will conclude Week1! 8weeks and 1 day left to go! Woo hoo! 

BY the way... If you're interested I use THIS FREE C25K APP!
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  1. Woohoo, you started C25K! I'm excited for you! I wish the app had its own cheesy playlist music that comes stock with it (all my own music is completely unsuitable for running)... Anyway, I'm glad you found your motivation!


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