People are Assholes. If you didn't know.

The other day I came home to my bike tires being flat. Odd I thought, but didn't really think of it as a big deal. Meh, the could have just flattened because of the weather, or something... And then, my neighbor across the hall told me her husband's bike tires were flattened too! VERY ODD INDEED. His wife said they were slashed, but upon further inspection... SOME ASSHOLE (yeah, I don't even care if it's some dumb bored kid, if it was a kid, THEY'RE an ASSHOLE too!!) decided to use a needle-like device to puncture holes in the tires and tubes. UGH. Luckily apparently my tubes are pretty cheap on post, but, my neighbor's are like 75euro! Bastards. Some people.


In other news... lol. I have a confession to make... I have a small army of water bottles and glasses on my bedside table. No one has been here to make me clean them... Does this make me a hoarder?

In OTHER more happy news... Ish... I bought these tasty-looking Popsicle things from the commissary... They look good, right? Well... They're just so-so. I heard the limes ones were better...  Have you had them before?? I thought they would be a healthy-er alternative to my nightly ice cream binge... 
But, you know what?
I bought ice cream today.

Yesterday the sunset, of which I am obsessed with, was BE.AU.TEE.FUL! Seriously, Germany, give my iPhone a break! I am taking new Sunset photos nearly every evening! BTW... 2100 is around when they're pretty damn gorgeous!


And my dog is damned adorable! Seriously... I am pretty sure he has a "go-to" look for when I am snapping photos of him. *sigh*. 
PS. His FB page is hoppin'! 


Husband's birthday package is all ready to go! Just got to fill out a customs form and sent it on it's merry way! I am so excited. I got him some yummy goodies, and some other awesome stuff. AND A SECRET GIFT. Which is really exciting, because I don't think I have ever been able to surprise him with ANYTHING ever. Because he is a ninja. Unfortunately, said surprise is on back order... and has a 12 week wait. *sigh* lol. So I printed it out, and put it in there. I can't wait for him to see what I bought for him!! Eeeeeeeeeeep! 

What have you all been up to? Not much around here, just missing the husband-inator. Registered & Protected


  1. I freaking love those fruit bars. I get them all the time. They're make my Dreyer's here, with the exact same packaging. And I have a serious water bottle problem too. I take a water bottle to bed with my every night. My nightstand is pretty small though, so most of them are on the floor. Haha.

  2. don't feel bad i have a gallon water jug sitting on my dress in my room... easier that getting a cup of water every night =)

  3. I'm with you on the tire flattener! I don't care who it was, they suck! Why can't people get a life and leave other people's stuff alone?

    Haha, the water bottles. I used to be the same way with water glasses back when my bed wasn't on a frame and I was using a short end table as a nightstand.

    And don't you just hate it when you're super excited about giving someone an especially thoughtful gift... and then it's on BACKORDER?! Drives me nuts.


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