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I am studying for the ASVAB. I am interested in joining the Army Reserves. I took the practice test and realized that 5 years of college and high level math really doesn't make the basics stick (and you totally can't use a calculator! pft! You know everyone uses a calculator in the REAL world!).

Basically, I have to get my shit together. There is a long list of paperwork that I need to submit to even be able to take the ASVAB. I think the hardest thing to find is going to by my High School Diploma... Seriously? I have 5 years of college, and you want my High School Diploma TOO?! Gah. 

The other thing on the agenda is actually studying. I took a practice test and did pretty okay on most everything except Vocab. and Math :/ even though I took 5 years of math classes in college... that shit really doesn't stick! I also sucked at the mechanics and electronics... So I will study that too.

The OTHER OTHER thing I need to work on is... I need to lose 14ish more lbs (apparently I have to be 147lbs or under to join at my height and age). And then RUNNING. How do I RUN!? Learn to run?? LOL. Gosh, I've always hated running. But I think I can learn to like it! It would also help me lose the last bit of weight that I need to lose.

I told my Mom and Dad. Mom was about to have a heart attack, but she didn't realize that even though there is still a chance of deployment with the Army Reserves, I would only be working 1 weekend a month plus 2 weeks a year. I mean really... It's not much. I think it would be great for me, and a good way to go for husband and I. He is for it, if it is something I really want to do. Which it is, I mean, before husband and I met, the plan was to get my Bachelor's and go in as an Officer. Now that I have no interest in the majors I was getting my Bachelor's in, I want to go enlisted. Though, I found out that I would at least get in as an E-3 which is really nice! One rank under the husband! hah.

Anyway, that's what is going through my mind right now. I have no idea how to get my high school diploma. I think it's at my mom's house... somewhere... and I doubt she would ever be able to find it. So the last option would be to call up my high school... but is there people working at a high school in summer time?! I have no idea, I guess I'll just have to figure it out. *sigh* Registered & Protected


  1. For running, get the couch to 5K App. It's great! I am on week four, and it is hard, but so far so good.

    And good luck!

  2. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!! The blog for you to follow is Natalia's at She's an Army wife who joined the Reserves last year herself. She left for BCT in March of 2011.

    I totally agree with the C25K recommendation for running - that's a great way to get started. Consider going to a running shop and being properly fitted for shoes too, which makes a huge difference.

    Hang in there, keep pushing, and while I may be AF, let me know if you have any questions during the enlistment process! I did a blog post about going to MEPS, etc, and that's going to be the same for you too.

  3. Yes! Do the C25K! I've been doing it. I absolutely despise running, but it's working. I've lost 15 lbs so far from it, and it's really building up my endurance well.

    Also, if you have questions about the mechanical part of the ASVAB, let me know. I kicked ass at that section in high school. Ha.

  4. I'm going to chime in with the other recommendations of C25K! There are also other running apps that build up your endurance slowly, so you don't get burnt out on running and quit in frustration. I have several of lolo's apps downloaded on my iPhone. There are a few for running, one for elliptical workouts, stationary bikes, etc. Apps are great and wonderful things these days.

    I admit, I had to study for the math portion of the ASVAB something fierce. I was never good at math to be gin with, and after years of not taking math courses, I really needed the refresher. I love that you're pursuing the Reserves. The way you tell it, I think it'd give you a great feeling of accomplishment; at least, I know that's how I felt once I got through the recruiting process, basic, and finally commissioned OCS. It was a long road, but I look back and am so glad I followed through with my goal. Whether I actually serve a full 20 years or not, I'll at least know that I got the opportunity to serve, and I think I'll be happy with that. Good luck!


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