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Being the grumpy gus that I am.... I will tell you all of my past weekend with a friend!

So my friend who lives in Schweinfurt, Germany came down for the weekend to visit. It was so nice to be around a friend who feels like a real friend! You know, someone you can actually talk to, tell them that the best part of your day is the sunset, and why you picked the seashells you did, because of their shape, size, color... whatever. And not get looked at funny. 

My friend came down with her dog, Nigel (aka Koodge's Boyfriend), on Friday afternoon (good thing it was in the afternoon because my car was in the shop, and was that ever a fiasco!?). Friday evening after dinner we were greeted by a glorious sunset (on the left here). I really love sunsets! I am pretty sure I am obsessed. 

Anyway, we went out to dinner, EVERY NIGHT. Haha. Because sometimes its fun to splurge like this! We ate at the China/Thai WOK (very cheap and delicious), La Stella's,  and a restaurant down the hill from me, which I cannot think of the name at the moment. It was really nice to go out every night. 

On Saturday we went out to Nuremberg so that we could get some Starbucks mugs. (yep, I am one of those people). First thing was first, we stopped at the Starbucks to have a little taste of home. I ordered a Java Chip Frapp. AND IT WAS AMAZING. We sat for a bit (as it was so hot that day) and relaxed after our 45 minute drive. And then we took off to walk around. We walked past another Starbucks that I had to point out because it was the first one I went to in Germany. Then we stopped at another Starbucks (There are three in the downtown area of Nuremberg, if you're ever interested... lol) for some water. And I got a bite to eat, I had the caprice sandwich, so delicious! We found the beautiful cathedral, took photos and kept walking around. Then we found this really crazy statue. With an iguana, and a skull guy choking out another skull guy. It was craziness. So, naturally I took a photo. ;) 

On the way out of town, we stopped again at the first Starbucks and got another round of Frappaccinos! hahaha. It was awesome! 

That night we ate at the restaurant down the hill from me and I had gnocci al forno. It was delicious. Because it has peas in it. lol. 

On Sunday we did a lot of nothing. Which was great! And then we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant La Stella's. MMMMM yummy Pasta! I have a special there, we call it "The Adrienne Special". yep. lol. Original, I know. 

Koodge, Of course, got special treatment, as he always does at La Stellas. He even got to sit up in a chair with us at the table. What a spoiled brat! Nigel was being chill pretty much the whole time. Because you know, life being the cutest Cocker-Spaniel ever must be really rough... But I can see why Koodge says you're his boyfriend... 
The whole weekend was really great. Hanging out with my friend was awesome. And Koodge was happy to see his boyfriend, it had been a little while since they last saw each other.

My friend left Monday morning (probably because I have like, zero food??) lol. Anyway... Koodge spent most of the day pouting and deprssed in bed (pictured right) because his boyfriend was all too happy to leave him. lol. 


In other news, I am going to try and update more often, with just basic day activities and what I am thinking, doing, and what-not. Because... my blog is dead. And I need someplace to vent and just type. I miss typing.

I was thinking about going for a really personal blog over at LiveJournal, but then thought, I HAVE THIS ONE. And honestly, I can bitch about whatever I want on it. So why start up another blog that is for even MORE personal things? I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I was thinking that I didn't want people that I would bitch about reading this... But then, I decided I didn't care, and I am allowed to bitch about whatever. As long as it makes me feel better. lol. And I PROMISE I will not use names. LOL. Bahaha. I won't because, that's just mean.

In other, other, other news. Koodge started his own FB fan page... So... You should go visit it. Registered & Protected

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  1. Ahh, the mug! Now I'm DOUBLY sure I'll be collecting as a tourist. I didn't realize they had mugs for other countries (how arrogant of me), and now I must look up where they all are and go on a Starbucks tour of the world!

    Oh, and Koodge? SO adorable.


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