Losing Weight?

Well, I am back to it, back on the bandwagon of trying to lose weight.

I started doing Body By Vi shakes in late January/early February, and they weren't really working for me... But they taste so good, and they actually make me eat breakfast and want to eat more healthy, this is why I am still continuing to do the shakes, they taste good, make me want to eat more healthy, and actually make me want to eat, right when I get up! Which is nice.

I think I was eating too little for it to really work, so I took some more steps:

My husband and I had a conversation and got rid of ALL of our boxed meals (okay, I kept ONE Lasagna Hamburger Helper, and ONE Chicken Alfredo Chicken Helper, just in case. But I will not be buying any more after that. We sold these things in the classifieds (on FB for our military community) for very cheap! It was so freeing to get rid of, and we had that little bit of extra money to buy some "better" foods. "Real" foods. I can cook anything that comes in a box!!

A while ago we also switched from ground hamburger to ground turkey. And most recently switched from milk, to almond milk. While almond milk is a bit more expensive, I think it will be worth it. I don't really need milk, right? I don't know. But I am happy with it. I will definitely have to take some calcium supplements or something though. I also haven't really been craving milk at all.

I also started counting calories again over at MyFitnessPal.com (If you're over there, friend me my username: a1rose ). I just started counting again for sure the day before yesterday.

But after starting all of this, I've lost 2 pounds! Yay!

Overall, I think this is good, it's making me learn how to cook more, and be more creative with my meals.

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  1. Hey lady! Checking out your blog! I like this post and wanted to mention to you that almond milk has more calcium than regular milk! So, you're not losing out!! =)


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