Cleaning House

Well... not literally... Because... my house... Is not something I enjoy cleaning. Don't let that give you any ideas that I like cleaning anything, cause, I don't.

BUT, what I AM cleaning out is my blog roll. I feel SO darn overwhelmed with how many blogs I am following and... you know how many I ACTUALLY read? None.





So, I am going to go through and delete ones that I honestly do not read, and that aren't "me".

I want my blog reading experience to be insightful and inspiring. I want them to reflect who I am as a person and to enlighten me to pursue my goals.

I WANT to get back into Art.
I WANT to get back into Blogging.
I WANT to create.
I WANT to not feel alone (aka reading MilSpouse blogs).
I WANT to do things for me.
I WANT to be an active person in the blogging community again.

I think this really calls for a revamp-age of blogs that I follow and read. I want to be able to read them thoroughly, comment on them thoughtfully and to not feel overwhelmed.

So, if you are a blog I follow currently, and you figure out that I am not longer following you... So sorry.

I am just trying to get back to me.

I hope you understand. Registered & Protected

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  1. A little house cleaning every now and then is such a good idea--I hope I make the cut, but if not, no hard feelings. :D


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