Random Sh!t Thursday!

Wow. i am totally sucking at getting this out at Midnight, like I like to do! LOL. Ah well. At least it's still out on a Thursday, right?! ahha. I think so. :)

This last week has been. Meh, alright. But I really didn't internet that much?? So, I didn't find very many cool things over the weekend. That's okay! There is always next week!!

I still love this feature, because I get to share with you the things that have interested me over the last week. I feel like it brings us closer! ;) Come on and join in! I think you'll love it!

  • Sh!t I want:
Even though I would probably be allergic...

  • Sewing Sh!t
    • Yup... Still dreaming
First thing I make... lol.
When I actually GET a sewing machine... (Anyone want to donate $$?)

  • Crafty Sh!t
I need some embroidery hoops...
(Wanna send me some?)
Embroidery Tutorials

 There you have it! :) I hope you have found some neat Sh!t over the past week! I would sure love to see what you're interested on the WWW!! ;)


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  1. LOVE that pennant pillow! When you get around to making yours, make me one, too! :D

  2. I love those boots and the shoes! I also LOVE that adorable pillow with the bunting. Great post!


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