iPhone Photo Friday!! Yay!

Hey everyone! How was the last week for you? Not too bad for me...

On the 30th of last month I went to a community information meeting for my post. And learned a couple of new things. Soldiers and Families are pretty much not allowed to own fireworks, you cannot use or have them on post. Did you know that? I just learned that. And that rule even includes sparklers! Yes, you read that right! Sparklers, not allowed to have 'em. I was pretty surprised myself. And then on the 4th I was really frustrated to see TONS of people NOT following the rules... I am such a pathetic rule follower... *sigh* I hate it when others don't. It makes me just want to call the MPs on them... lol. Another thing, which isn't a shocker of a rule or anything but, you are NOT SUPPOSED to be grilling on your effing balcony! Hello RETARDS, it is just a fire waiting to happen. Are you really THAT lazy to not have it down in a safe area? I hate those people. LOL. They are putting THEIR WHOLE APARTMENT building at RISK! That is at least 24 adults (if not more) and however many children! Use your brain people. ... Okay, I'm done ranting.

This last week has been pretty boring visually for me... Sorry about the lack of cool pictures! I hope that you link up  over at Adrienne Rose Photography so that I can see MORE photos! :)
Last weekend, Husband and I set out for Ramstein AFB. To see what they had. They have a HUGE BX, but there was like, nothing GREAT in there. *sigh* It sort of felt like a wasted trip.
Over the weekend Ansbach had a mini festival called the Rococo Festival. It had a bunch of people dressed in old-fashioned garb and a bird show! Awesome. The birds were beautiful.
The Jeremy Garahm Band. *thumbs down*
This is Kayla! We puppy sat her! Koodge was not very happy with having her in the house for an extended period of time. But I really think he was just grumpy. He usually is very nice to other doggies.
So these are all the photos that I took of fireworks on post. Meh. We were pretty far away. It probably would have been nicer to be a bit closer, and then I probably would have been clogging your Tumblr feeds... lol. (I found a new app for my iPhone called Montager, it's free!)
We finally popped the cherry of the grill that Husband's brother got him! It's been ... A long time since he got the grill for us, but first time touching the grill on Tuesday. We made delicious things like Jalapeno poppers, grilled teriyaki chicken, season rubbed pork.... MMMMM. And our neighbors had hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs! It was a good time, and a beautiful day!
Koodge, assessing the situation.
This just cracked me up. I was on the phone with my mom and I had to try and sneak up on him to capture his silliness! Luckily, I got the shot, and ONE second after I walked away he flipped back over! Ha!
It was so hot yesterday, I had to get iced coffee. I didn't really love it... But, it was alright. It was coffee! :)
I know I showed you all this photo last week. But it's different. I found another fun app for my iPhone called Phototreats, it's also free!

I hope you all head on over to Adrienne Rose Photography to link up with me!! :)

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  1. Koodge is making me miss my puppies...

  2. LOVE the new look! I just downloaded some of those tape strips yesterday hahaha. Great minds think alike!!!

  3. Phototreats is on my list to try but I haven't downloaded it yet. Seems to be getting fairly popular. Maybe I should try it out! These are great but I do absolutely love your last pic. VERY cool! Thanks so much for linking up to iPhoneography. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the app recommendation! Love that shot of your doggie... and the coffee - yum.

  5. Love your shots.. These are beautiful.. Officially following ya.. I have a photo challenge going on that I would love for you to participate in if you are interested please. :)) It's for "Sunset".. Please hop over if this tickles your fancy.. Would love to have you.. :)) TY

  6. Love your header so much! Sorry bout the big BX, we were stationed at Ramstein for 6 years and they never really did have anything in there. Of corse the "Big BX" you are referring to never opened in time for me to actually see it. You would not believe all the craziness that went in to building it. We used to take weekend trips to other BXs, the furniture BX at Spidelli (s that how its spelled?) Barracks was always pretty good to us ... furniture wise.

    Off to check out the rest of your site!

  7. I love the dog photos! They look so happy to be having their picture taken, lol. And I LOVE iced coffee... Dunkin Donuts has the BEST!


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