iPhone Photo Friday! :)

Welcome back fellow Phonographers! (That could almost sound bad! haha).

This past week has been unusually dull... So, sorry about the lame photos! I hope to have much better and funner ones next week! As this weekend is 4th of July weekend and Husband gets Monday and Tuesday off from work! :) How fun!

What are your plans for this weekend?!

The best German couches I have found... Except they were super expensive... as are most things around here!

Koodge and Husband played fetch at night time! He is so good at it!
You see this?! Yeah, Koodge was supposed to be... MY dog... but he is in LOVE with his Daddy...
I just love getting jumping shots of Koodge! He is not so graceful on the landing part... But he sure likes giving it his all when jumping for the ball!
I took tons of photos of myself this past week... lol.
See?? LOL.

And beautiful coffee! There is nothing better than beautiful coffee, sitting outside in the sun and chatting with good friends!
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  1. Your puppy is such a cutie pie! Did you use an app to put the label over the one photo of you?? I love it!

    Happy 4th to you!

  2. I love the first photo of you! Freaking gorgeous! You seriously have the most awesome eyes.. I be jealous ;-)

  3. Ikea!! And don't forget your VAT form =)


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