Random Sh!t Thursday! -- Take 5

Happy Thursday everyone! It is 7am here in German and I am super, super, super, tired. I've gotta take the husband to work today... :/ MEH.

This week hasn't really been too adventurous online because... well... I've been watching a TV show (which you will learn about below). And... I get a little obsessed and watch it until there is nothing else of it to watch. I am weird like that. I even have put off watching my favorite guilty pleasure show!! Ugh.

Anyway, here we are!! :) Be sure to grab my button, and link up with me at the bottom of this post!
  • Random
    • I started watching True Blood -- From the beginning... In my defense, I needed to see what all the hubub is over the the newest season premiere!   
    • Anyone else think Sookie is not so good looking?? I hate her teeth... 
  • I Want! 
A pattern to create this CUUUUUTE bird!
I haven't even got a sewing machine, or started sewing and am already dreaming of cute little sewing machine accessories! Ha!

  • Yup, Still Obsessing Over All Things Sew-y!
Ugh, the most perfect quilt ever. It had me at Green! :) And Geometrics... *exaggerated wink* Gorgeousness. The quilting on it is so complimentary too, and it does not take away from the overall design.
By Ruth Sloan
The quilting is TO DIE FOR. How cute to have tree bark pattern!! Great job! I love it!
By HappyLifeDesigns
Okay, I know what you're saying *gah* the colors are clashing. YES. They are, HOWEVER... How PERFECT would this be for a rambunctious little boy?! Perfection. I love it!
By WillowBeanCreations
Orange and grey!? I DIE. Such a wonderful color combination!! <3 Lovely.
By StomarKate


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  1. I love the quilts, I wish could sew.. The mama loves Brady reminds me of my BFF. She has a baby named brady :)

    I follow is blog and saw this post about the quilt she made.. Her pattern and material is beautiful! Thought i'd share!

  2. You are killing me with these quilts! I'm trying to cut back on my collection, not add to it! :D


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