iPhone Photo Friday!! Yay!

Gah! I feel like this week has been so crazy. One stressful thing after another... SO FAR, (it's only 11:30am) today has been no better!

You see, I am currently puppy sitting.

She already has run me ragged and she has only been in my house for the last 2.5 hours... Here's a picture of the little pill...

Yeah, that's Kayla... She looks so cute, innocent, and tiny... And then...
 I ran upstairs to the owner's house to grab her bed, and she was in my house. When I got back to the door, I opened it and she started running! UGH NO! THEN, KOODGE (my dog) started running after her. I was wearing flip flops and was so scared, I threw them off of my feet and started running barefoot. I don't think I have ever ran so fast. It was so stressful. I was so scared that she was going to run out the front gate of post, and Koodge was just going to follow her... Luckily they just went into the no dogs allowed area. Koodge sniffed the basketball court (which is all fenced in) so I locked him in there real quick. Luckily, Kayla stopped to poop and I caught her. It was so frustrating, I have never had something like that happen before. It felt like I ran for a half an hour (in reality it was probably only a few minutes). Carrying Kayla under the arm and dragging Koodge by the collar, I had to find where my flip flops where and drag them to the house. Lucky for me, Koodge USUALLY listens well, and when we got near to our apartment I could let go of him and tell him to "find his door". Then I come back in my house to find a Kayla pee puddle on the floor... And of course I find that by stepping in it... With bare feet.

THEN, as I was trying to recover from a mild asthma attack, trying not to throw up or cry... Kayla starts growling at Koodge, protecting her food... Then I start crying. LOL. I had to call the husband and have him coach me with breathing and help me not to cry! My oh my. Now, 2 hours later, and it still hurts to breath a bit. It was so painful. Now, I don't want to do anything today! Ughhh. lol. (this story is also going to be on my photography blog, yep, it will be straight copy and pasted, so if you head on over there, feel free to ignore it!).
Enough of that...
He is always cuter when he is sleepy.
I bought grey fingernail polish! I love it. :)
My dog perches... Does yours?? He likes to sit on the window sill...
I went sunflower picking at the Blumenfeld yesterday!! I picked some fabulous sunflowers!! <3
I finally get to use all my vases, that makes me so super happy!!

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Oh guess what else?! Stay tuned in on Sunday to see the new weekly blog feature being added!! I am so excited to share with you. I will give you a hint... it has to do with COLORS!

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  1. Stopping by via Life Rearranged. Love the sunflower pics & sleepy puppy!

  2. I just found your blog via 20sb. I'm so glad I did... I absolutely love it! Look forward to reading more!

  3. YAY for the polish - I love that shade- so chic!

  4. yay for puppy sitting! she's adorable :)

  5. your nails look good! Very cool!

  6. What an adorable pup! And lovin' that polish!

  7. Stopping by Comment Love on FTLOBs! That puppy is sooo cute! I doggy sit all the time for my friends and family. Don't ever need to get a dog of my own ... just borrow :)

  8. Stopping by via Comment Love on FTLOBs! That pup is VERY cute! I love puppy sitting for my friends and family.


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