Color Love Sunday.01

So I decided to have a cool feature on my blog. Lately I have been really into color palettes and have been wanting to make my own. Luckily, I have found a really great website where you can make your own custom color palette*. Basically, every week I plan on showing you a new color palette**.

I am so super excited to share with you all this week, my very first color palette. :) I hope you enjoy.

-Adrienne Registered & Protected
** I plan to use my own photos to make a palette from. Maybe if I am sick or something, I will find something from another blog and (of course!) credit the creator.


  1. i love it!!! whats the love to give it a go!

  2. I love Colour Lovers! Beautiful palette (and photo) by the way!

  3. Stopping by via FTLOB, I have never thought of these colors together but I really like it!!

    Love your blog!

  4. Great mixture of colors! They go wonderfully together...and great photograph as well. What a fun website!

    Stopping by from Comment Love Day. Hope you have a beautiful and colorful Sunday :)

  5. Following you from Comment Love - hope you stop by!

  6. Thanks so much for your feedback on my blog! You don't know how hard I've been working on decluttering that sidebar! It's a work in progress, but I really appreciate your feedback as it encourages me to stay on track. I LOVE your blog and am your newest follower!



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