iPhone Photo Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!! Are you super excited for the weekend?

Husband and I do not have anything planned because we are a little broke... :( Ah well, that's okay! Ansbach is beautiful anyway! :) hehe.

What are you up to this weekend? Did you take lots of photos with your cell phone over this last week?? You should totally link up over at my photography Blog, iPhone* Photo Friday (*iPhone not required). And show me what you got!! :)

Last Friday me, husband, and Koodge went to this pond that is not too far away from our place. We walked on these trails that they had, and it was so nice! Koodge just loves going on long walks and being able to smell, EV.ERY.THING. I really wish that we could have just taken him off of his leash and let him run around as much as he wanted. But ALAS, his nose just works too well for his own good, and we are afraid he will run and not come back.... :( BUT, I did find some cute mushrooms::
Koodge also licked a slug on this excursion... lol.

Over the last weekend we went to Stuttgart (on Saturday) and Rothenburg (on Sunday).  I forgot to take any pictures with my phone in Rothenburg because I had my REAL DSLR camera in my hands instead... (And kind of unfortunately... lol). But I will share the Rothenburg pictures with you sometime next week...
Sunset on the way back to Ansbach from Stuttgart.
Koodge in the car on the way back from Stuttgart... He doesn't really like the car... I think he gets car sick. :(
On Sunday, on the way to Rothenburg... Yep, I took a picture of my feet... Only because I don't usually wear flip flops... Well I didn't USED to wear flip flops!! Haha. I bought these at the H&M for less than 5 euro, and I was pretty stoked about that. My feet get way too hot. :)
I have this thing where I try and take a picture of every cup of coffee I get. Haha. :) I like it.
Hi, my name is Koodge, and I like sand.


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  1. Hey being broke and in love is totally okay! Love your header pic what a cute couple you two make.

  2. You take GORGEOUS iPhone pictures - I wish I was this creative with my phone! LOVE the sunset - and your puppy is so cute :D


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