Random Sh!t Thursday! -- Take 3

Welcome! :) 

Do you find all kinds of crazy, interesting, funny things around the interwebs? Well, why don't you do us all a favor and start sharing your finds?! This is a link up for ANYONE with a blog!!

Basically, I leave a tab open with my draft of the random sh!t that I find throughout the week, I schedule it to publish the following Thursday and add to it as the week goes by! It's easy and fun!!

What do you spend all your time online doing?? This is a great way to show your readers what you're all about! Please join in with the linky at the bottom of this post!

Gray Chucks...(sorry I lost the link for this particular image)...

I would love a fluffier version of this couch, with a matching loveseat please!
Want want want want want want
  • Crafty To-Do:
SO CUTE!! Check out the TUTORIAL HERE over at Noodlehead :)
Sunburst Pillow Tutorial by Noodlehead
GAH! Looks at this GORGEOUSNESS!! I want to quilt SO bad. I don't think i have wanted to do something so bad before!! Bahhhhhhh. *whine* I need a sewing machine, fabric... Everything that is needed to quilt... Any donators?? heh.
This gorgeousness is made by Cluckclucksew
Houndstooth AND polka DOTS?! *die*
By Kldemare
  • I Must Say... 
    • I have a really big crush on the color grey: 

  • Did you say... Giveaway?!
Check out ACUs, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutus for an awesome vintage book print giveaway from BlackBaroque's Etsy Shop!!

  •  Got to try this!
Great recipe for some blended frozen coffee over at Another Cookie Please!
  • Bahhahaha!  
Did you see that episode of Glee?! Man, I was laughing so hard!


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  1. That quilt is awesome! I'll fight you for it! :D

  2. My MIL gave me one of those One Line a Day books so I could fill one out for Jordyn. It's awesome!

  3. OOOH! Thanks for the shout out! I just saw your blog come up on the stat counter... thanks for being sweet and liking my outfit!


  4. Oh oh I am planning on playing... it may not be till next week so please continue your linky. <3 <3

  5. Hey, A! Thanks for mentioning my houndstooth quilt! Glad you like it. I gave it to a friend as a gift, and I'm starting to miss it a little...



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