Last Weekend in Rothenburg, Germany. (Picture Heavy!)

Last Sunday the husband and I went to Rothenburg, Germany! It was pretty neat, they were having a festival of the reunion of their town being saved by a guy who drank over 3 liters of wine... lol. They say that it is a legend, maybe not necessarily true... but, sounds good to me!! Haha. You can read more about the legend HERE. :)

Anyway, they had a parade that is more than 700 people long (and TONS of horses) that dress up in super old fashioned garb from way-back-when.

Yup, they're carrying dead pigeons and chickens...

What are friends for??

It was very cool, entertaining, and we even brought Koodge with us! :) He wanted to be pet by everyone, but not too many wanted to pet him, not sure why. There was an old guy who seemed upset that Koodge touched him... I think Koodge sat on his food. LOL.

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  1. Rothenburg is such a beautiful city! Ahhh...the Germans, we just looove our traditions haha. I am glad you had a great day! Amazing pictures!


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