Latest Random Adventure!

 On either Wednesday or Thursday, Husband and I were bored. (Don't worry, I am not going "THERE") And STARVING. So, we decided to take a little drive and just eat at the first place that we saw.

I was driving... And we drove on to the Autobahn, on the back streets, the crazy windy roads... The skinny roads... Anyway. I am a great driver! Ha!

We drove around until we found Dinkelsbühl! It's an old town like, Rothenburg, but much less touristy. :)

The first side of the Walled part of town! :)
Walking through town (to find a place to eat) we saw a beautiful set of doors (of a church).
And of course the immaculately detailed buildings.
And me, being me, had to have some coffee!
We found a fantastic place to eat... Of course, I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was called... But it had AMAZING food. Husband ordered some Nürnberg sausages, and I had the best chili and bread EVER. It was delightfully amazing!
I really love getting water in a wine glass...
Anyway, I know it's not much, but it was just an afternoon trip (things close down pretty early around here). So there aren't too many pictures. But Dinkelsbühl is definitely a town we are going to go to again! :) I want to walk around and find more pictures to take!

Speaking of pictures... yeah, I have been super duper excited that I have an iPhone... And I do realize that the iPhone pictures aren't very... "professional"... But I LOVE the Instagram app!! I absolutely adore it! And it is so much easier to take pictures... I mean, sneaky-er? But I cannot just let my $700 camera just sit there being, unused... I need to get back on that!! And take more pictures with it. It's been SO difficult lately though... It's been sunny, and I already have a TON of tan lines... WHY would I want to add another one from the silly camera strap... Okay, that's just me making excuses... I need to get back to it. I surely cannot put Instagram photos up on my Photography Blog... I mean, I don't really think that it is just all about the equipment. I think it is more than that... Angles, closeness, framing... etc etc. Bah. I feel guilty about it! Anyway... I should just really get back to it. 

-Adrienne Registered & Protected

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