Project365! Link up! :)

 Hello Hello! How was your weekend?! Did you take lots of fun pictures? Have you noticed that taking a picture every day is now becoming a habit?! I have! Especially if it gets down to like, 11p... and I had forgotten to take a picture in the daylight... I get all anxious!

Anyway! Here are last week's pictures! :) I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Having fun with the new colored pencils. Saw something similar to this ... somewhere. LOL. Decided to try it out for myself!
Been crafting a lot lately!
Love note taped to the mirror for the hubband. :)
Birthday card for the cousin. Hopefully she doesn't see this! LOL
FUN with watercolors!
A 'Congrats" card for a baby shower. I had a lot of fun creating this monochrome card!! :)
Trying to create a "watercolor multiplication table" it's a lot of work... I started over a couple of times... And well... I want to start over again!
Hubband, some friends, and I went picnicking yesterday because of the super nice weather (it got up to 60 degrees F, yesterday!). We found some Army men... on the Army post. LOL! And decided to hide it somewhere! :)
How is your Project365 coming?!

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  1. I love to see that you have been crafting... I adore your work. The photos are great as well. I esp love the first one. I'm a sucker for the rainbow colors!

  2. wow the cards look great! i love the colored pencils picture! happy link up!

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  3. Love your pictures from this week, especially the congrats card and colored pencils!

  4. GREAT job on the colored pencils! And your cards are great!

  5. LOVE all your recent crafty stuff, and I am totally in love with your colored pencils photo. That would make a great greeting card!

  6. That colored pencil shot is really cool! I love a new box of colored pencils or crayons!! Have fun with those!!


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