Happy Weekened Everyone! :) -- Project365 link up!!

Guess what just went up today?! My guest blog post over at New Girl on Post! That was my first ever guest blog post! So I hope you head on over, say Hi to New Girl (even if she is away on vacation...). And come back here to let me know what you thought about my post! :) 

Yesterday... Was a completely lazy day. Well... If you read Yesterday's Post, you would understand... But, we had to go to a party last night. A going away party. But, we did not drink, although drinks were free, we had a couple of beers and just hung out. But the bar was SO full.

So anyway... Here is yet another shameless picture of me and my husband. You see... It was taken right as we were leaving the house last night to head to the bar for his battle's going away party. Because we decided that it would probably be best if I didn't take my expensive ass camera into a bar with a shitload of drunk people. Probably a good choice. *shrug* Ah well. 
Check out some more details about this picture over at my Photography Blog!
So, do you guys feel like you have been learning more about your camera? Do you feel like you are better understanding what is making a good shot vs. a bad one? 

Do you find that you are forgetting about your Project365 until it's dark outside, and then snapping a pic of ANYTHING? lol. (Don't worry, still happens to me sometimes).

Maybe try putting aside time each day to take a walk around your neighborhood, or switch it up and head over to a friend's house for coffee or tea, and take pictures of some things at your friends house, or your friend (if they're okay with it)!

Let me know what works for you!

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  1. That photo of you two is just too cute! :)


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