Happy Tuesday!! :)

Hello hello!! How was your weekend?! Husband and I didn't do too much this weekend...

BUT, I have been working on some things! I've been a little bored lately and designed all new buttons. Hahaha. Yeah. So it would be awesome if you could grab the newest one, I was going to do it the magical way... but then realized before I didn't save it in the correct format to do that. SO. If you want to change to the new one, that would be great because in the future when I change my button for shits and giggles, you wont have to change it!

The code for it is on the left side bar of the blog. If you would like a smaller version, let me know and I can rig something up! :) I know it is pretty plain... But the old was just bothering me. And I feel like these new ones are ... 'simpler' and possibly easier to read. Let me know what you think. Anyway... I chose this color because it was one of the accent colors for my wedding :)

I also made a new Project365 button. You can continue to use the old one, but I like the new one better! A LOT better. It kind of ties into my new blog button for my Photography Blog! Which I really like. I feel like all of my blog buttons should tie in together somehow. :)

Speaking of my Photography Blog... Husband surprised me and bought a domain name for me!! So I am now the proud owner of http://adriennerosephotography.com! At least for the next 3 years. :) Anyway... You should totally stop on over there and check it out! I have got really big plans for the site. But don't be disappointed at it's current look... I just have it hooked up with Blogger for now, until I come up with what I really want my site to look like! 

I am really excited that later this month I am all lined up to do my first photoshoot... My friend Laura was kind enough to volunteer! I am really excited to take pictures of her, her husband, and their dog, Nigel (Nigel has been making appearances on both my photoblog and here! He is that cute golden cocker spaniel you keep seeing!).

I do want to show you my Project365 for the last couple of days! :) 
 Husband and I went up to Osan on Sunday and on the way from the bus to the train station I saw this rose that is all bleeeeh. Hahah. I had a lot of fun editing it! Though, I do wish that the rose bush stopped at the flowers. lol. I think it kind of looks funky. ah well. 

While we were up in Osan we just went to their BX and got some things that our PX doesn't offer. That's what we get, I guess, for having a lame PX... Are you military families or spouses? What's your PX/BX (I dunno what they call 'em for Marines...) like? Is it big? Do they have a lot of stuff?? I would love to know!

And these little punks. These Korean teenagers are such TURDS!! They cause a lot of problems around our complex... I finally got a picture of them. But then, I liked it, so I edited it... Haha!! 

Do you have any kids around your neighborhood that are troublemakers?? These kids break things, smoke cigarettes in our apartment building lobby, spit in there... ugh. I mean, we can't do too much about it because we're in Korea... If we were back in the US believe me, Husband would have found their parents already!!
P.S. I linked up with Military Monday... I know it is Tuesday for me... But it is still Monday in most places in the states... get off my leg! lol

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  1. I love the new button! And congrats on the new domain-I can't wait to check it out!


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