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We Heart Wednesday is a fun little link up hosted over at Briemarie's blog! :) Oh man, basicially, every wednesday, you go over to we heart it, and find all the cute little images that you love. And post it up on  your blog... And then link up with Briemarie! It's pretty fun, I love doing it!

Other than that... We just tried calling Branch to see where we were going. We are less than 90 days from leaving South Korea... And so... We pretty much need to know where the heck we are going. We asked to stay over seas, just not really Korea (we are feeling pretty ready to go, since we have to). Dude who decides where people go is doing us a favor and trying to get us into either Germany or Hawaii. Man, either would be fantastic! But, we didn't get to find out tonight. Next week. I am kind of bummed about that! I mean, it is terribly nice that he is doing this for us, however, I was ready to know NOW. 
Now I have to try and not to think of this for a long while! Ugh! LOL. *pout*

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  1. Choose Hawaii! I love it there! It's absolutely beautiful and they're re-doing a lot of the housing on post so it's pretty and new!

  2. I love big things made small and small things made big, so I'm especially enjoying your choices this week! Good luck finding out about your next move (I'll be going through that in a couple of months, ugh)!

  3. Oh my goodness, the cuteness! I always think mini things are so adorable haha.
    Hope you get one of the places you want!!

  4. Oh my God. Um, miss if you come to Hawaii I'm going to be on your doorstep like everyday, k? Haha. So exciting! Thanks again for joining in dear!

  5. ohh looks like a fun link up! Lucky Hawaii or Germany im pretty sure your getting the best deal possible!


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