Crazy Dreams

 Last night, I dreamed of one of my favorite people. Who happens to be dead. Is that weird? 

I dreamed of my Uncle Jason. He was such an amazing person to me, you know, the "cool uncle". I was about 16, almost 17 in my Junior Year of High School when he died in a car accident... I remember going to the memorial and crying the ugly tears SO hard, the whole time. It was, so ... sad. He was 28 years old when he died... I felt devastated... This was the first important-to-me person that had died. My first memorial service, my first funeral...

And last night, he finally for the first time... Visited me in my dreams.

In my dream, my husband (yeah, this is one of the few times I actually have a dream with husband in it!) and I are... somewhere, in a house of some sort... He tells me I should sit in this one spot, because you can feel the hauntedness of it, you can feel the lady's... feelings? Yeah, something like that. I really didn't want to because I had a bad feeling about it. Husband finally convinced me that I wanted to do that, and so I was inching closer to the spot to sit in. I pass by a mirror and see my Uncle Jason. But, I can not see him in anything other than the mirror, for now. I feel so happy when that happens, it was an amazing feeling to be able to see him again. Then, when I go to hug him, he is no longer invisible, but actually there. We talk, he tells me amazing things, tells me that he reads everything that I write/type, watches over me and the things I do, but more importantly, he is proud of me.

A few minutes later, after hugging and good bye-ing, I wake up. It's 15 to 5 in the morning. And I immediately start crying. I cry so hard, that I wake up husband and he wonders whether I am "okay" or not... I don't really understand why still, at 1pm in the afternoon that this is effecting me so much. But it is. I cry as I write this. But I am just SO thankful that he was able to visit me in my dreams. I have been waiting for him to visit me for about 6 years... I don't know why it took him so long to visit. But I am happy he did. I swear, these are happy tears... Or something. 

I can't stop them. I am probably not going to get out of my jammies today...

After I woke up, I tried either calling my mom or grandma... Neither one were online... My mom didn't answer... I still feel like I need to talk to someone about it though. I didn't go to sleep for an hour and a half after the dream. 
Once I finally fell asleep again... I had another weird dream. Husband wasn't in this one though. I dreamed that I got shot in the tummy! WTH?! Right? Jebus, no winning for me last night. I am exhausted, my eyes are puffy, and my head hurts. And I have pretty much been crying since five am... Its ridiculous. I am ready to be done. But every time, I try to talk about what happened in my dream, I cry. Bleh.

So tell me, have you dreamed of a dead loved one?
This is my second time now... It's insane... The first was my friend who killed him self in December of 2006... But it only took a couple of months for him to visit me in my dreams not a few years, and I feel better because of that. Maybe after today, I will feel better about Uncle Jason too. 
-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Dreams with loved ones who have passed always make for a weird feeling during the day after I wake up. Sometimes I read too much into them and worry something is going to happen, but usually they just make me miss them terribly.

  2. Hugs! I never dreamed of my mother until the morning that my father passed away. 7 years!! I have had dreams where I just feel like I'm grieving after. Hugs. xo

  3. I don't think I've ever dreamt of a dead loved one. It's great you have though, especially if it brings you some closure. I understand how emotional it must be...sometimes I have really intense dreams and my husband is like, WTF? when I feel weird all day.

    Those ones usually involve someone close to me dying in them though. Ugh.

    I actually had a dream about getting shot in the stomach not too long ago too. Those are fun -_-

  4. I have had dreams of this sort my whole life. Mostly with my grandfather in them. I always wake up in..odd moods after. I cry or just feel, off all day.

  5. Oh Boy Adrienne, I never dream ever! I lost my Father 3 years ago. About a month after his death he came to visit me in my dream. It was the best dream I have ever had!! I was laying on my couch (in my dream) He came and touch my cheek as I lay there sobbing. I looked up and saw him and was like... Whoa? How are you here! Your dead. he said it's You prayed for once last day with me and you got it I am here to fufill that one last wish.. We did everything together that we never got around to doing. riding motorcycles, playing golf.. you name it! I woke up and cried for 3 straight days!! About a month later he revisited me in my dream again.. exactly where we left off.. That totally weirded me out!!! I remember telling him in my dream at the end.. that he could not come back. It was killing me and too painful for me to relive his death with each visit. He never came back and I have not dreamt since!! Bizarre huh! ((HUGS)) I know exactly how you feel:)

  6. HI Ad,
    I miss my brother tremendously too (((Deep Breath))). Grief does come in waves and in different ways. I have enjoyed the times when I have dreamt of Jason, but (because of my faith and life in Christ) do believe I will see him in heaven again worshiping our Lord. He confessed Christ has his Saviour. So although I don't believe the dead visit us, but God can use our dreams to speak/bring comfort to us... and unfortunately Satan can spiritually attack us too. I have had to ask God actually remove the dreams from my thoughts (like my husband dyeing or cheating on me) and help me to think of Him and the blessings he has given me... and He ALWAYS helps me!! :) I do pray your day is much better today.. and your dreams sweet last night. :) Much love, Your Aunt JuRita

  7. yeah that dream would freak me out too. I hate when I have such dreams and then think about them all day like they really happened!


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