Project365 Link up! Week TWO Complete!!

So here we are, January 15th, 2011. How many of you have at the VERY LEAST 15 amazing photos to look over so far this year?! I know I DO! :) (More than that even! I can never just take ONE pictures if my camera is out!). 
Wanna link up to show us your favorite picture this week?? 

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Cletus likes Starbucks in Korea too! 01.12.2011
Made and decorated my first carrot cake! :) 01.12.2011
Yep, plant is still dying... *cough* 01.13.2011
Thought you guys would want to see more of my fun faces! Ahahha
See that awesome calendar?? You too can get the 2011 "A Year In Yes" Calendar!!
And yesterday the husband and I went bowling! A few friends came along too! That was awesome! 
So far today I haven't taken any pictures! I will post it tomorrow though, I still got 5 hours before the day is over! Mwahha. :)

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. I <3 the compilation of you. :) Also, I'm jealous that you have girl scout cookies!

  2. Oh girl... I love all of the photos!! That first one of the Giraffe and Starbucks is my fave! Two of my favorite things in one photo!!! Do you sell any of your photos? Email me if you would! I seriously heart that first one!!!

    BTW, I love those pics of you and your hubby in the blog header!!

  3. So I'm confused.. maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I'm going to ask anyway! Haha. Are you still posting your photos every day? Or have you just changed to a weekly post with all the week's photos in it?

  4. OMG! I totally just looked at that "A Year In Yes" Calendar before I hopped over here to look at your pics. I just bought one!


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