A Letter to 2010

Hey there! It is officially 2011! How exciting is that?? :) Well, I have some exciting new things to tell you about! :) I mentioned a little yesterday about how I was going to start a Project365! :)

Well, the idea is to take a picture every day for the next year! :) I have already started. :) I know it is kind of late notice for those of you who are here in Korea, but really, you can set up a picture to take! :) haha. I really want people to join in on this with me! :) It will be amazing!!  Here is my first photos of 2011! 
 This is Style, my downstairs neighbor's dog. He is pretty amazing. They let me dog sit when they go out for the day, he is such a good dog!
 So, I took him out potty... and we had a mini photo-shoot!
 So these two photos here... (above) I like them both... But I couldn't decide which I liked better, what do you think??
Doesn't he look so regal? :) haha, I love this "old photo" :). It's pretty amazing! 

He was so speedy, I was using my "action" mode the whole time! HAH! :) But, I am pretty impressed with myself at the moment... Hhaha

Anyhoot, leave me a comment and let me know if you are doing a project365photo this year! :) (You can use my button, if you wish! Just be sure to link up back to my blog!).

Hope all of you have had a fabulous first day of 2011!!


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  1. i'm doing the 365 this year too :) hussey365.blogspot.com

  2. What a beautiful great dane! He looks a lot like my mom and dad's dog. Best wishes for the new year!

  3. Wow, that dog is huge. Great pictures of him! Great start to your project. Can't wait to see your next pics.

  4. Awesome photos and what a great looking dog. I really like the green/yellow tinted one (of the two you couldn't pick your favorite)

  5. I'm doing it now! mandymousecreates.blogspot.com


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