January 02, 2011

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 So I was just meandering over on weheartit, I love that site. And above, are the pictures that I just loved and wanted to share with you. :) And then, since I did not take any of the photos, there are all the links to the photos on weheartit. :) I also just made this little thingie, on GIMP. Just getting some practice on it. It's pretty fun. :) haha.

So you see that 2011 photo thing?? Anyone know how to do that?? Link up to a tutorial if you do... or tell me how. I love it, I don't really understand how to do it though! Haha. I just think it is amazing! I totally want to make something like it... somehow... lol.

Man, I can't tell you how happy I am that #reverb10 is over! I was just having to delve way too far into my brain during holiday season to answer the questions... So sorry if the last day of #reverb10 was kind of lame. I was just pretty stoked that it was over with! haha.

So, I have a couple of things that I want to do with my blog. I really want to make it take up the WHOLE page... instead of just 1000px... anyone know how to do this?

I am also thinking about doing a link up... a weekly one. Since I am doing project365, I thought that it would be nice to host a link up. On a random day, maybe Tuesdays?? lol. I like Tuesdays... *shrug* but, just to show off your favorite picture from project365 from the previous week... I need some feedback, would you like to do something like this? Does Tuesday suck for you? What's a better day?! A better form? Maybe... a better idea? I just would really like to do a link up. Because really, I think they're AMAZING. :) haha. SO much fun. So let me know what you think!


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  1. I'm kind of doing a project 365. It's starting as a picture of myself, everyday while my husband is deployed... I'm sure I'll just make it 365 though :) It would be cool to link up and get to folow some other people. I lvoe seeing my friends on facebook!

  2. Hi! I just started the project (and hopefully will finish it!) and linked up. Happy New Year!


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