Day 11 :)

So... I am buying boots offline... for the first time ever... I am so nervous about it! I could like, have an axiety attack right now thinking about it!! *sigh* Anyway, I am buying from and they are these boots:
Picture from
anyway... They are so freaking cute, I am just going to die if they don't fit... But there is free return shipping... and free shipping here... So that is good, right? *sigh* there were no reviews on them... But aren't they AMAZING looking?? I will let you know what happens when I get them... *sigh* 
So here is Cletus, hanging out in the plants... Like he is trying to act like a real giraffe...
So my plant is dying... I blame Cletus
 But really... The plant... He is so droopy... his leaves are turning black and falling off... He was fine like 2 weeks ago. Then all of a sudden, branches were dying... So I thought that maybe he needed to be replanted... So yesterday I replanted him, but nothing's changed. Any ideas?
Project 365 is going really well for me so far. I didn't really play with my settings today though. That's probably a shame... But ... You know. I just really like taking pictures of random things in my house. It's super fun for me... haha.

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Ooohhh, I really like the first picture of the green thread! Also, I REALLY like your new banner for the top of your blog. You are so darn talented! I should really start making better use of all the time I spend online and learn how to do stuff like that!! :)

  2. Pretty sure I kill every plant I even look at so I'm not one to suggest anything. But I hate buying shoes online. I'm always nervous they won't feel right or won't fit or will look different.


  3. Hey Adrienne, I wandered over here from your link on my blog and I am stunned. Lovely photos!

  4. Love the photos!!! You're quickly becoming one of my idols little missy..


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