Warning: Format Rant.

I am a blogger, I love to follow blogs. What blogger doesn't? I participate in a few link-ups, but not too many. I sort of want to do more, but... How many is too many?? I wouldn't want it to dominate my blog or anything, you know? But, anyway... that is not what I am here for today. Today... I want to talk about format. Blog formats to be specific, and what turns a reader (like me) away from your blog. I am going to be HONEST here. Please do not be offended as I am just 1) trying to help and 2) getting this off my chest ('cause it really bothers me).
There are a few things about blogs that immediately turn me away from even attempting to try and read them. Some big deals, some, not so big deals (cause, I'll admit it, I am a wee bit judgmental). Full of examples of things that annoy me. :)
Turn off #1. 
Please do not ever align your text on the right. It is annoying. And, really, it makes it much more difficult to read. Especially if you have short paragraphs or RANDOM places 
that you decide to press
enter at.
As if it proves some sort of point. 

It doesn't. It's annoying. Most people in the states grew up with regular public schools where it was drilled into you to write from left to right.

Turn off #2.
Please do not center all of your text. Again, the same with turn off #1. People grew up writing from left to right. Our eyes are trained to read that way. There's gotta be a reason for it, don't you think?

Okay. Again. It is just annoying. Centering is basically for titles. I don't even know why people would want to center all of their text? Maybe like a quote or something??* There are SOME blogs that have this format that I just read anyway though, even though, every time I read it I want to scream. But there is some good content. 

Turn off #3.
Centering and making random words
for what seems like
no reason at all.  

There is this one blog. I wont mention names. BUT I really want to read it! I have heard great reviews of this blog, and, like I said I want to read it REAL bad! What also goes along with this is that... They are putting random returns in their writing... like, after one word, after three words, after a sentence. It doesn't make sense and my brain and eyes hate it. So I go back (usually about once a week) and try to read it... Again, I have to just close the window because it makes me want to spoon my eyeballs out. 

I TOTALLY understand making some words bigger, to emphasize a word, or feeling. But it really should not be overused. It definitely should not be in every sentence or, every other word, OR every LINE of the whole blog. It  becomes annoying for me. And thus, I don't read your blog.

Turn off #4. 
Okay. I understand that there are quite a few fun bloggy backgrounds that you think are cute! I UNDERSTAND. However, please make sure that behind the text is not busy or a weird color. Again, it makes people's brains hurt trying to read them. 

On the same page as blog layouts. I know that some people are less techy than others. Blogger is really easy to make your blog CUTE and readable at the same time. When you are putting things in your sidebars, make sure that they are going to fit, and definitely not cover up your important bloggy text!

Speaking of OTHER things fitting. When you are posting your pictures in your blog. Don't get me wrong. Every reader LOVES pictures!! (make sure there's text content in their too!) But, make sure your picture fits in your margin for text. When you are putting up your pictures (in blogger at least) there's options for SMALL MEDIUM LARGE (and I think even, extra large!) sizes of pictures! :) Please do that. Usually, (again, in blogger) if a reader clicks on your picture because they want to see it larger, it pops open with the picture only, and larger.

That is all I have to say about format, for now. Sorry if it was long and drawn out. I hope it gave you some insight about what a reader (like me) likes and dislikes for a blog. I hope no one was offended! :) hehe.
*Okay, I know, songs, poetry, and the like are sometimes centered. And that's fine. That is not what I am getting at though. I am talking about blogs with paragraph content. Lifestyle blogs. Ya know?

AAAAAAAAAnd, December Daily Challenge. (It's going pretty well so far, don't you think?)

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis) 

okay, for one, I am not sure what to think about this prompt... A sense of wonder. I need to re-look up what that means... haha. I mean, I know, but... I just... okay brb... one second. (sometimes it helps me... if I know what the definition is... for sure. ha, is that weird?)
Alrighty, Dictionary.com tells me 


–verb (used without object)
1.to think or speculate curiously: to wonder about the origin of the solar system.
2.to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (often fol. by at ): He wondered at her composure in such a crisis.
3.to doubt: I wonder if she'll really get here.
–verb (used with object)
4. to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know: to wonderwhat happened.
5. to feel wonder at: I wonder that you went.

A sense of wonder in my life. Well, I have to say that I started out 2010 with a different outlook than I had in the past. I decided that (since I had struggled with depression a lot, and deep seated negativity) I would look upon the world with the attitude of "It could always be worse". I am sure I have really developed a couple of people who really hated hearing me say that when they had 'bad problems'. But really, isn't it true?? It could definitely always be worse. I have been working on thinking about the things that I already have, and being grateful that I have those things. And it really made me a much happier person. I seem to have much less drama in my life, and I was able to weed out people who made me unhappy most of the time. It was freeing. I feel as though my new attitude attracted better people with the same sort of attitude. 

So then, I met my husband. Talk about a wonder in itself. He is amazing. I tried new things with him and had the most fun of my life with him! :)  I really think this new attitude that I acquired and spent so much energy on, was why I attracted someone like him. 
Other than that... My life is pretty wonderful. It also helps to be easily pleased, and easily amused.


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  1. Can you add "music that auto plays when a blog loads?" Holy hell, I hate that!

  2. Ugh. I hate the random words that are larger than the other words. I also hate when people start making the random big words different colors. It hurts my eyes.

    I second the comment on the random music.

  3. I agree with 100% on all your gripes, and I definitely agree with the comment about the music. It makes my nerves jangle.

  4. Agreed. I hate clicking on a blog only to have my ears raped with their poor taste in music a la Myspace.

    On a related note, so glad my blog isn't one of the ones you were bitching about. Trust me, I read it twice for hints alluding to my blog. LOL

    Love you, and miss you.

  5. I second that - well said post. There is one blog I follow and don't mind reading and looking at their pictures in my reader but I can't click on their site because everything is flashing at me. At one point, they had a twitter box that popped up and I kept having to cancel it out. On top of that, the blogger will post multiple posts back to back within a short period of time so it clogs up my reader. Alright, I'll quit venting.

  6. So many things to say!

    1) Okay, I'm going to out myself, and admit that I just started centering my paragraphs because I see so many other people doing it. I actually went back and EDITED IT IN. For some reason, I figured people were centering their paragraphs because it made it EASIER to read really wordy blogs like mine. Be honest (I won't be hurt): would it be easier to read my over-wordiness if it was left-aligned? I should I just learn to hit 'enter' more often?

    2) I know which blog you're talking about with the great reviews but nutty formatting. It's bugging the hell out of me, too. I want to read the content (and I'm stubborn enough that I push through it), but I'm sicking of scrolling after every 6 lines.

    3) I sucked at today's prompt (notice the lack of wordiness?), but yours reminds me that I DID just recently come across a blog that really hit me with that whole IT COULD BE WORSE mentality. I read through this blog and thought: Holy cow, I'm really lucky I have what I have and it could all be strewn to pieces tomorrow in the blink of an eye. I need to quit my whining and enjoy everything while I can.

  7. Sorry AD, I am going to keep my center font. ;) My blog is not to please readers but to let family and friends keep up with our life. Hope you keep reading though!

  8. Its me, isn't it?

    ...but centering words can be so fun sometimes!

    I'm going to think of this post whenever I do it now. You know that, right? Your rant is forever burned into my typing routine.

  9. I just gave you a standing ovation over here for #3. I know that blog and I choose not to read it for that same reason. It gives me a headache to try to read it. I really wish I could kill the formatting in Google Reader. It's just obnoxious. You could be a fabulous writer, but I can't get through a sentence to find out.

    Great post!

  10. I agree, even though I am totally guilty of the centering.
    Until I'm not to lazy to figure out a better blog setup though it's the easiest way to keep my text from getting wonky. Or at least so I thought haha.
    I appreciate the honesty!

  11. Hello! Coming over from the Guinn and Bare it link up. Funny post lol, I think we all have those pet peeves when it comes to reading blogs.

  12. hey its lou from guinnandbareit. You know what i tottaly remember reading this...and thinking man music is annoying, that was the day i took mine off! HHAH thanks for opening my eyes!


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