Okay, so...  it's really Saturday for me... But, for most of you it is Friday still... So for... Awesomeness sake... haha.

Every week, awesome Wife of a Sailor hosts MilSpouse Friday Fill-in, so that we can link up and get to know more MilSpouses! It's totally fun, the questions are thought provoking! I totally love this MEME! :)

If you were given $1,000 right now, how would you spend it?
Ooooh ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Wowza. Well... I have been wanting a couple of things. One thing is the Silhouette die cutting machine. It is pretty amazing. Another thing is an awesome new lens for my camera.

If you had to choose a movie title (a real one that already exists) for your life story, what would it be?
Why is this question here? It is too hard. LOL. I would say something similar to Dear John, but with a MUCH happier ending. Because the ending to that movie SUCKED.

If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
I would love to teach MATH. Yes, but like, algebra or geometry. I think that would be amazing. 

Has being a MilSpouse changed how you view holidays or how your holidays are celebrated? If so, how? If not, what hasn’t changed?
Well... So far we have only celebrated Thanksgiving as a Military Family. That is totally cool with me. Christmas isn't going to be a big deal, which is great. I sort of don't love Christmas too much. I am excited to start our own little traditions for the holidays. We are pretty much just celebrating my birthday, because it is Christmas Eve. Haha. But, I think I wont mind not being able to celebrate the holidays with my family. I feel like the holidays with my family were always pretty hectic. There were a few divorces in my family so I had to do a lot of traveling to be able to spend it with everyone. 

What is your favorite Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) memory?
Well... Last year, my birthday was amazing. We started on the night of the 23rd at a really great brewery/hotel/awesome place, and ended it the morning of my birthday. I also had to drive to my dad's house that day, which was fine by me because it was amazing weather out! It was actually sunny! And I had coffee, AND I didn't even care that the traffic was horrendous. Hahha. It was an amazing day.

Another weekly MilSpouse thing is MilSpouse Round Up, that is where you link up just a post that you have done in the last week so that other MilSpouses can catch up with you. It is sort of like, a day off from blogging. Hahha. 
This week I am going to link you up with My First December Daily post. :) This week Maine-ly T is hosting the round up! Head on over to her blog to enter!

And for my newest Friday adventure:
 Meet my friend's kitty, Arnesto. :) He is amazing.

This week's suggested theme is 'texture' so... I decided that it would be cool to just add a texture onto a photo. I love that about Gimp. Gimp is amazing... Seriously people. Head on over to House Hold 6 Diva to enter in this week's Foto Friday awesomeness!

And now for my Daily December Challenge :)
December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

Okay, so it's the 4th for me already. But ah well. I still find this amazing. 

A moment where I felt most alive. THIS WHOLE YEAR! Seriously. It's been amazing. Please refer to yesterday's December Daily Challenge post to see how AWESOME my year has been!

So one moment. I think, it would have been when Dan and I went to the beach together. We were so in love (we couldn't admit it yet though! Because we had just met each other 5 days prior). But it was awesome. He impressed me so much with his attitude, and the 2.5 hour drive was nothing when he was making me laugh so hard. :) He makes up amazingly hilarious on-the-spot stories! Once we got there the beach was amazing, of course, when ISN'T the Oregon Coast amazing?? Even though it rained a lot... it was beautiful. We got to walk on the beach, enjoy our jacuzzi for the evening, and have great adventures the next day. :)

To participate in this December Daily challenge, head on over to Reverb10. It's super cool. There are going to be prompts every day that help you reflect on this last year and to manifest the goodness of next year!

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. you're from oregon? that's where i'm from too but currently in philippines! my year has also been entirely awesome for completely different reasons! if i had $1,000 extra bucks.. hmm.. fun to think about. would probably use it to go on another trip :)

  2. you're from oregon? that's where i'm from too but currently in philippines! my year has also been entirely awesome for completely different reasons! if i had $1,000 extra bucks.. hmm.. fun to think about. would probably use it to go on another trip :)

  3. I teach algebra and geometry! ;)

  4. That kitty photo is just so cute - lovely editing on the photo aswell.

  5. OMGosh! The ending of Dear John was HORRIBLE!!!!! It was probably the worst movie ending I have ever seen. Also, that kitty is too cute!

  6. What an awesome shot of the kitty! It's also great to read your fill-in!

  7. My daughter and I have a special fondness for cats! Your picture is beautiful, great detail.

    Thanks for the comment!

    By the way, I lived in WA for about nine years and visited OR often.

    Take care.

  8. Aww...Arnesto is such a good name for a cat. The texture you applied works well!


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