And I continue. (RANT) AND Reverb10!

I missed a couple of things yesterday while ranting. :) I felt like it was getting a little long. So... I continue::::

Turn off #5.
Your music player. I know they're CUTE and perhaps you just want to share your love of music. I understand. I LOVE music, don't get me wrong. 

But please. DO NOT make it play automatically when your page loads. If people want to listen to what kind of music YOU listen to... They will press play themselves. 

Turn off #6.
Cache. I know, you think they're going to protect you from scammers. Which I suppose could be true. BUT you have the option (in blogger at least) to turn it off and then moderate the comments yourself. I personally like this option the best. Then, you can make it so that when you check your email or your blogger dashboard, you check the comments and decide whether or not they are appropriate for other viewers, or yourself. Also, this way you are able to easily comment back to those who took the time to comment your blog! :) I have used this option since I started a blog (Started this blog in March of 2008) and have NEVER had spammer comments. Ever. Just sayin'. 

Turn off #7. 
Spelling and grammar. That just goes without saying. Please do the research and learn which "there, they're or their", or which "Your and you're to use. Here is a fun COMIC by The Oatmeal that gives examples, and might help you remember!  Also, another word... is A LOT. :) Please go HERE, to Hyperbole and a Half for another fun and hilarious comic (about how to spell a lot, it's pretty funny)!

NOW to my December Daily! :) Yay. I pretty much look forward to this now, daily! (obviously)
December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradley)

This year was crazy for me! :) I loved it though. 
This year, I also 'let go' of many, people. Yes, people. Some willingly, others... Not so willingly. 

In January, someone I thought was my best friend of 8 years decided that they could no longer be friends with me. Turns out that they were in love with me, and I did not reciprocate the feelings. Ah well. Their loss, right? That sucked though, it was hard for me to take. I had known them for so long, they knew me so well. And they were my truck mechanic (bahah). Ah well, right? I moved on from that, and now I still think of them all the time. I don't know if they know I am married now... I don't know if they know I moved across the Pacific Ocean to South Korea... I still wish I could share these things with them. But ah well, again. Life goes on, with or without them. 

In April, *sigh*, my ex... Who I was still being friends with. Had to be a douche bag, call me... Inappropriate names... and then proceed to tell my mother these things... *rolls eyes* ah well. But that meant I had to give up this gem, Squeakers... She was an amazing little chihuahua. You wouldn't know it from the picture...BUT... She could do a bunch a tricks! She was pre-loaded! Haha. She loved me, I loved her... She was awesome. 

I also had to say goodbye to my AMAZING viper gecko, Sienna... She apparently, died?? Lame. She was amazing, I am telling you, amazing. She was my very first gecko, and I made sure her cage was clean, she was fed, and she got to go with me when I moved into a friend's house after The Ex and I broke up. But then when I moved into the dorms of my college...
I had to get her to someone who I trusted to take care of her... Unfortunate, because she apparently died. :(

And also, ending that connection made me say goodbye to another beloved pet, Mister (even though Mister was a girl, I think). But, for name's sake... I call him HIM, hahah. Anyway. He was amazing. When it came for feeding time, he would pop his head out of his little house anxiously awaiting his crickets, cockroaches, or milworms. :) He was pretty great. He was a leopard gecko, and one of my favorites. Too cute for words I say. Click on his picture and check out his eyeball! They are AMAZING. 

I do not know how Mister is doing now, but I hope he is still alive and kicking somewhere. I believe The Ex sold him... He was having $$ troubles... or something of the like. Who cares, I miss my pets.

More willingly, this year, I gave up some friends that were poisonous to my happiness. The "friends" that I only talked to once in a while, or... The ones that infected my life with drama and terrible things. *makes face*. Though I miss some of them, I am glad to have these things out of my life. Glad to not be in the circle of gossip, or constantly wanting to slap them because they make stupid mistakes, ALL THE TIME. Right? Okay. 

Most willingly. Moving to SOUTH KOREA. Away from ALL of my friends and family members. NOT because I want to be away from them, but I do WANT to be with my husband. My friends and family members (the TRUE friends anyway) will understand, and will be there for me when I get back. :) 

I love my life.
-Adrienne Registered & Protected

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  1. Those grammar comics are hilarious! I reposted them on Facebook. I know "alot" of people who need to read them! Also, your rants about blogs are dead on. When I first started mine I violated all of the rules, except the grammar and spelling one (thank you spellcheck!). But I have since learned the error of my ways!


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