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What do you see your life like in 10 years?
My life in 10 years? Wow. Well, I don't think that I have thought that far ahead yet. Well things I know, I will be almost 33, husband will be 40... I 'hope' that we will still be in the Army, unless that is just not for us anymore. Maybe we'll have a young kid, about... 3ish or younger. Or not even yet. Haha. If we are still in the Army, we probably won't have our own house yet. If we aren't then HOPEFULLY we will have found a place to reside! :) Other than that... I don't really look that far ahead! 

What do you like most about your job?
Being a wife? Well. Everything. I get to learn new things, perfect my hobbies, and learn new ones! :) haha. (I can't get a job here in Korea. That's fine with me) But I have been watching the neighbor kid a couple hours a day, three days a week. Okay, well... Just this week. Hahha. :) So far.

What are three things you do every day, no matter what day it is?
Coffee. Shower. Internet. Pretty basic.

What would you do with an extra five hours in your day today?
Today, well I still have lots of time because tomorrow is Saturday. But, I should have really started like, trying to get back into crafting! Hahah. But I am still feeling under the weather. So it's been pretty hard to think! 

What is your favorite Christmas (or whichever holiday  you celebrate) cookie recipe (please share!)?
Well... I am always a fan of chocolate chip cookies. But, I currently do not have a recipe on hand! SORRY LADIES!

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For today's FOTO FRIDAY (Hosted by the glorious Household 6 Diva) I am going to share with you a cutie :)
This guy was sweetly sleeping underwater in his little turtle shell and lucky me!

He started opening his little eyes!
I thought he just looked like such a SWEET HAPPY little turtle guy! :)

December 10 – Wisdom Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway)

Well OBVIOUSLY. Haha, It was marrying my husband! :) Hahaha. AND OBVIOUSLY it played out wonderfully! :) 

Moving to S.Korea, getting to be with my husband even though he is in the Army and stationed over seas. Man, absolutely the best decision I made this year! :) 

I guess these questions should be harder to answer than this. But when deciding between living in the States with my friends and family, minus my husband, or living in another country WITH my Hubs, that was an EASY decision for me. My friends (the real ones any way) and family will always be there, you know? The opportunity to move to another country and being with my husband! DUH.

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. That last one of the turtle IS SWEET! Steady hands and no glare on the glass! Great shot!

    Thanks for linking up to #FotoFriday!

  2. I LOVE your turtle photos! On my list to do: Take Sammy to an aquarium, soon! (Thanks for adding my button, too :) )

  3. You're only gonna be almost 33 in ten years! I'll be 37! EEEEEK!! Love the turtle pics!!

    The Crafty Military Wife


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