11 things I don't need in 2011...

December 11 – 11 Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

Wow, this is a difficult one. I feel that it is difficult because I purged a lot of things this year already.
I guess there is always a little purging to do...

  1. Drama. I can always ditch the people who bring drama into my life. But there is always that one person who sneaks in and sticks around for a little while. Until I figure things out! Haha. While I understand that a little bit of drama brings some sort of entertainment into people's lives, it is really unnecessary. I sometimes find myself wanting to hear about other people's drama. 
  2. Well... Since it is almost 2011, I need to revisit my idea of "things ALWAYS could be worse". I feel that this outlook on life is working for me, but still a little bit of depression sinks in every once in a while. Just a little though. You know, moving across the world is pretty life altering. Ha. So basically what I am saying with this one is that, life. I need to keep on with my optimistic point of view. I don't need to let depression leach in not even a little bit. I need to take my life by my own steering wheel STILL. And go. :) Let the awesome happen. 
  3. All this extra weight. I definitely don't need that! Just because I am married does not mean that I need to get lazy! You know... I should start working out or something... It's not that I am LAZY... I just don't have anyone to work out with! ha. :/
  4. Also, I don't need JUNK FOOD (I have already given up Toaster Strudels, those are junk foods, right?). I need to learn how to cook better (if this stupid gas oven/stove will let me!). And eat in smaller portions! 
  5. Clutter... We definitely do not need clutter. Since we are moving again, already, in April... We do not need a bunch of random items that hold no meaning for us. :) That is definitely true. Especially since the Army will only move 500lbs for us, since we are not CS. So we are sticking with the basics.  
  6. Negativity. I do not so much have this problem, (too terribly often). But I also do not need people who are negative, in my life, whatsoever. Negativity is infectious... It is way too easy to spread. It already takes a ton of effort to try and be optimistic! I definitely do not need someone hanging around me that makes that outlook even harder!
  7. Debt. I am newly married... Husband and I combined... We have a little bit of debt. I would really like to just pay it all off... That would be nice... Gotta figure out how to do that though. I also have student loans that I need to get paid... Oh man. It is pretty overwhelming to think about though... 
  8. Under-committing. A lot of bloggers are saying that they are "over committing" I believe that I need to stop "Under-committing". Right now, I am not committed to much of anything outside of the internet. Hahha. I should really partake in more volunteer opportunities, and activities that the Army has provided! I need to stop being lazy. Sometimes I just do not volunteer for things because I like my schedule to be wide open. It must come from going to school for so long... 
  9. Not crafting. I do not know why, but the only thing I have created in 2010 was some belly fat and a couple of thank you cards. Ridiculous right? I mean, if you par-ooze over my blog for the last (almost) 3 years... It was originally intended as a craft scrapbooking type blog. But now... it's... Photography? I guess. I guess everyone goes through changes... but I miss crafting. i just need to find the motivation and inspiration. 
  10. Speaking of inspiration. I need to purge my bookmarks. I HAVE TONS. I have book marks for the Army, Inspo Blogs, MiliBlogs, photo challenges, scrap challenges, blog stuff, scraplift things, textures, coupons, photo ideas, blog ideas... the list goes on... and you know what? I hard ever, EVER look in those folders...
  11. Last, but. NOT LEAST. PROCRASTINATION. Let's just say that... I am SUPER good at procrastination. You know... I think this has a lot to do with #8.   
This prompt took me forever to complete. I really wasn't sure what I didn't need! You know, Moving across the world with only two suitcases and one carry on (back pack), can do that for you... without you even knowing it (for tangible objects anyway).


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  1. I hear you on the drama. Definitely something I wouldn't mind ditching in 2011, sadly I think that requires me to distance myself from drama queen friends.

  2. omg haha, I was at Beth's blog (which is how I found yours) and I mentioned that I would have put that 2011 could be without drama for me... and I clicked on to your blog and it was your first comment...

    I actually liked all of the 11 things you said... I can relate to them all. :) Nice blog... will definitely check back!


  3. Your list is so similar to mine! We can do this!

  4. I moved away with only two suitcases and a carry on too! Except I only moved to Hawaii, not all the way across the planet to South Korea! You're amazing!

    Oh, and I love all the things on your list. Some of those same things need to find their way onto mine!


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