Okay, so D and I were drinking a little that night that we met (part one of this story)... But, we did say that we were going to the beach. I did have to double check that it was actually going to happen. I didn't know if they were drunk plans at all... lol. So I double checked and he said that YES we were in fact going to the beach!

We woke up, well, we tried to wake up early. D and I were very good at procrastinating getting up over this short time that we had together. So we FINALLY headed out the door. On the way to the beach we decided to stop off in McMinnville to visit some friends, and some of my family! My cousin came and met us at a local brewery/restaurant and we got to talk with her for a little while, and guess what? It was all on D! He offered to pay for everything, how nice of him, RIGHT?! He even offered to pay for my dad's meal if he would have came out too! Dad didn't end up making it out, but it is the thought that counts right?

On the way down we were talking the whole way there. I don't even think that we turned on the radio! D has this voice that he does, it is a hic voice... and I have named it Paul haha. So on the way down there he was cracking me up with it. We were making up stories and having a ton of fun! D and I, we always have a ton of fun, no matter what we are doing!

Once we made it to the beach we needed to find a hotel, there were two requirements for this hotel... 1) It needed to be beach-front, and 2) it definitely needed to have a jacuzzi! So what we did to find this place was find a parking place near the beach, walk onto the beach and view the hotels FROM the beach! I thought it was a pretty good idea! So as we were walking along we came across this nice looking hotel that was painted really nice AND there were jacuzzis on the balconies! That was pretty amazing... we kept walking along the beach and went to another hotel first, but they were booked or something. So that meant that the hotel with the jacuzzies on the balconies was MEANT to be! So we went and got a room there!
View from the balcony!

Pretty yes?! I loved the view! 
Unfortunately later that night it started pouring rain! Hahah, that's the Oregon Coast for ya!  We were planning to have a fire on the beach, but like I said, POURING! So that didn't end up happening! But that is okay we had a TON of fun in the hotel room and the jacuzzi, we totally made up for our lack of fire.

Other than the view... the first thing that I noticed was a word in the window. Some wooden letters spelled out the word ROMANCE and it made me feel weird. haha. I am not a very romantic person so I looked up at D and said "D, I am not very romantic, we are going to have to change those letters around somehow..."
He looked at me... "Okay?"

The next day we did a ton of things! First thing was heading down to Newport to see some SEA LIONS! He asked me the best thing about the sea lions too "So, do you want to visit the sea lions now, later, or periodically throughout the day?"

So then we decided to head down to where the sea lions hang out. We had our morning coffee and were sitting inside watching the sea lions through the window.
"Hey guess what?" D asked.
"What?" I wondered.
"I just got you ALL those sea lions, they're ALL yours!!"
"I like that one!" as I pointed to the first one.
"Oh yeah? What are you going to name him?" D asked.
"Exavior" I stated.

After spending time on the dock, looking at all my sea lions we decided it was time for breakfast. We headed to this really small, really awesome cafe place, and had mmmm delicious breakfast foods. After breakfast we headed to the research center, which had some fish and an octopus... it wasn't that great, but it was FREE! Then we headed to the Oregon Coast Aquarium!
We decided that it would be a good idea that we bring our OWN beverages into the Aquarium... (Apple smirnoff vodka and sprite, anyone?) hahah. We opened those up with a *FSSSST* and hoped no one heard... It came in real handy once we got to the JellyFish...
Over all... the aquarium seemed smaller than I remember... Maybe it is just that I am bigger now. I don't think I will have to revisit that place for quite some time now though.

After the Aquarium we hit up the Rogue Brewery!! I tried a TON of different beers that day. D and I both did anyway! Haha, we also colored on the kids coloring page... I am pretty sure that the waiters and waitresses thought we were very odd indeed.
So I am not sure why it turned the photo sideways... but oh well, you get the picture...

My favorite was the Hazelnut Brown, it was pretty good!! 

Over all, 2 days at the beach was fantastic. I had never had that great of a time at the beach, ever! I would do it again in a  heartbeat... 
Oh if you were wondering about the letters in the window... 
We left the hotel room letters:
Hopefully room service knows how to re-spell Romance. :)

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  1. Nice photos! Love the beach (although here in NJ we call it the shore :-) )

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