I Forgot about FRIDAY!

I was so excited to do my MEME Friday!  And then I got sick. The day after Thanksgiving I totally just slept for most of the day! Ah well. At least I can still link up with Foto Friday

So this week was a theme of Food and Family. :)
Totally appropriate since Thanksgiving happened and all! :)

Thursday was amazing. Our Thanksgiving was amazing. :) We invited some families and single soldiers over for a potluck-style Thanksgiving. It was amazing (as I have said).

So our oven. It is SUPER small... We did get a 12lb (pre-smoked/cooked) turkey to warm up in there. haha. Which was fine, because it turned out DELICIOUS. It was one of the most moist turkeys I have ever had. I didn't actually get to make much. I was pretty into hanging out with the guests. Husband made most of the dishes that we provided. HOWEVER, I DID make COOKIES. Yes. That's right. Made them RIGHT from the package! Heheh. :) You know, the pre-mixed ones. :) But I baked them in my OWN oven! :)  We also provided delicious mashed potatoes, jellied cranberry (from a can, my favorite -- Seriously, I love that stuff), some stuffing, and a place to eat and have fun!
These are the two little people that joined us on Thanksgiving :) They were so cute and pretty well mannered! Which was awesome. Their parents are awesome too! :) Little man there got cookie ALL over the place! hehehe. And little miss was just a little Diva "Take my picture!" she would exclaim!  Okay, because you're cute, it flew with me.

We had about 12 or 13 people over. It was amazing. After we all had our tummies full we played some Wii! :) woo hoo! 

So happy and THANKFUL to have met all of the wonderful people stationed here in South Korea!
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  1. Lovin' the little diva's smile! How cute that she asked to have her picture taken! Oh, you sound like me when it comes to deciding between cooking and fraternizing with guests... I'd pick hanging out with company any day! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a hit!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Turkey Day! Love the photos.

  4. The kids are so cute! Whatever they are eating must have been yummy!

  5. So glad your Thanksgiving was a great one, especially being far away from family! Great pics!

  6. I'm featuring your adorable little girl picture today on my blog! :) Thank you for sharing your photos for Foto Friday!

    Ann Marie


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