OHMIBBQ, It's Wednesday ALREADY!

So, it is time for another round of ABC's in Photos! :) WoooWHOoooo! 
***I did not make/take this picture***

Yay, I am excited. And on time! Wahoo. So this picture here. I am super excited to share with you today. It has quickly become a favorite picture of mine, that I edited into ... What I want to call a MASTERPIECE!! :)
So B Stands for.....
BIRDY. Hahha. 
I took this picture at the Suwan Fortress in Suwan, South Korea. You see the bird?? It's a Magpie. Magpies are to Korea as Crows are to Oregon. haha. I like them though. I think they're pretty!

Anyway. I really love this picture!! :) I want to get it printed on a canvas. I think that would be AWESOME. :)

So you should totally join in me on this ABC adventure!! :) I am having tons of fun!

Other great news:::
We have moved into our apartment FINALLY! I love it, it's gorgeous. I cannot wait to share with you what it looks like! 


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  1. I love this picture!! gorgeous!

    Congrats on finally moving in, can't wait to see pictures :)


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