These Wednesdays just creep up on me SO fast!

So, TODAY. I share with you my third installment of ABCs in Photos challenge for myself! :) I am on the letter
***not my photo***

I am so super excited to show you this photo today. I definitely took this photo this morning! :) Of my morning CUP O JOE. :) hehe. And I have recently better learned how to use my photo editing program GIMP!!

Coffee, I am definitely addicted. I have it EVERY MORNING. yep. And sometimes more than once a day! hehe. I really love this picture too. I think it belongs in my kitchen, on the wall! 

Man, I am so excited about this! :) It is amazing (to me) what I now know how to do with this program! :) woot. I am also liking Flickr more and more everyday! Flickr is becoming my new obsession. There are so many beautiful pictures there! So, to find this texture, I just searched for "free textures", picked one I liked and WHOALA! :) haha. So they just ask you to credit whoever made it, where you got it from :). (Which I will do at the bottom of this post!). I was so happy with this texture that I used it on another picture first!

I really really  really REALLY like it on this photo! :) I cannot believe I am having so much fun with this program. I feel like a cheat, since GIMP is free and all! 

I almost saved this photo for F. But I think that defeats the purpose of this challenge. *makes face* SO. I decided to share it with you now! :) hehe. I would really love to blow this picture up and hang it somewhere!

-Adrienne Registered & Protected


  1. Your pictures are really cute! I will have to check out flickr. I think I have an account there but I've never meandered around on it!

    The Crafty Military Wife

  2. Love the photos! And, it's not cheating if you have just makes everyone else who pays for photoshop look silly! =)

  3. Textures are so much fun, huh!? LOVE that flower. Gorgeous.

  4. Very nice! I wish I loved coffee but it's tea for me. Love the idea of the ABC's...


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