Aaaand We're Walking...

The other day, Sunday, Husband and I were trying to find the Lotte Super, which I am guessing is just a grocery store... (Well... every one says that it is 'just a grocery store' BUT it is not 'JUST A GROCERY STORE' TO ME!! IT'S LOTTE SUPER!! lol. I have never been there!! So I wanted to check it out! 
But on the way there, we  hit up the little Korean - American Harmony festival :) I got some pictures!! 
 It was pretty cool. They were singing, it was a little too loud being so close. But it sounded nice.

 They had some really nice and bright outfits. Some of them were so cute!!

 Someone handed me this balloon flower, heart thing. I held it for a while, took a picture of it, and then I gave it to some little Korean girl. :) She seemed pretty happy about it!
 And this is when we tried to find the Lotte Super... lol. We totally never found it, but I got some neat pictures of around the town!!

The pretty pretty sunset on the walk back to our apartment! 

There are some really neat areas around here!! 

Sorry I have been kinda absent lately... Husband and I were looking around the area for an apartment! :) We think we found one, but I want to wait to share until it is solidly solidified!! :) (btw it is a GORGEOUS apartment!!)



  1. These pictures are great today. Too bad you couldn't find the Lotte Super, it sounds entertaining!

  2. The festival looks great! Love the outfits too. Good luck with the apartment, cant wait to hear/see it!

    P.S. You have an award, check out my last post to see it :)

  3. I do enjoy your blog and seeing all the sites around Korean. Especially because both my grandchildren were adopted from Korea. So it is kinds cool to see where they come from!

  4. Love how you added your name to the church steeples picture!! :0)

  5. Good luck with the apartment :)
    This experience looks too cool!

    Thanks for linking up at the Round-UP!


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