Airplanes and Korea.

So, I was totally proud of myself! Haha. I only cried once and that was right after I said by to my mom and bestie and pretend younger sister! hehehe. Right when they were out of view I almost broke down. Instead I kept my head up and cried like three tears! haha. 

Unfortunately I felt too weird to take any pictures. But I saw some really amazing things. I wrote in a little journal while I was on the plane. So here is what I wrote:

The tops of clouds are one of the most beautiful, magical things I have ever seen. 

Seeing land, lakes, rivers, mountains, ocean, and everything from up here is magnificent. there is still so much land that is untouched and undeveloped. 

The Hubbers said that the window seat was lame but I do not regret it one bit! I could have just sat here next to this wonderful Japanese gal, Yoko, and stared out the window the whole 10 hours and 44 minutes of my flight from PDX to NRT. Whether or not there was land or water to stare at. It all feels so inspiring. Though, I feel like I am the only person on this entire plane who is looking out the window with such awe. 

Why do they not tell us which country we are above? If I was a pilot I would definitely be announcing on the overhead things exactly like that. I honestly do not know where I am right now (this bothers me). All that I do know is that we are just under 4 hours from reaching NRT. 

The crop fields that I am seeing right now (Well, I am guessing they're crop fields) are arranged in such interesting patterns. It seems as though there is no rhyme or reason to them. Some wide, some thin. 

The ways that the rivers bend and crook over and under themselves for miles upon miles is just... illuminating. Some thick, some thin. Some aged with many paths much like wrinkles of a laughing 90 year old woman. 

Small scattered cities is all that makes up that country full of water, misshapen crops and jagged misplaced mountains. 

The ocean is as calm as the eye can see. And Yoko, she is fast asleep. 

I have only slept maybe an hour and a half on this ride. I am hoping to be able to nap again before landing. 
My Nintendo DSi claims it to be 8:33p (pacific time) with no sign of sun down. Flying towards the sun seems counter productive. 

There is a small batch of ice crystals forming at the bottom of my window... 

When I did sleep earlier I kept dreaming of falling and would scare myself awake every time there were rough patches (turbulence) during the flight.

I have not opened my laptop since I have been on the flight, there was no internet on this flight. Not once, even though I wanted to edit pictures. I did play a little DSi... Even though I HATE the game I have for it. I also wrote this... peed only 3 times so far, did some of my Hidato# puzzles (good stuff) and stared out the window. 

My hips, legs, and feet hurt. I want a cigarette. I CAN'T WAIT TO LAND.

There you are. My travels. :) hehe. 

I wish I would have taken pictures of the things that I saw out the window. But I didn't... Mostly I didn't want to wake up Yoko to be able to get my camera from the overhead storage.

Today, I needed to by some girlie supplies, yes... I started my period the day of my LONG LONG LONG flight! So we went on an adventure onto base and through The Ville. I really enjoyed the walk over there! It was super nice. It is about 70 degrees here with a bit of muggy humidity. But seriously. Even though I was sweating like a damn dog, it is really nice here. I honestly do not think I am going to dislike Korea as much as many of the other people I have talked to! I want to like it, I want to LOVE it even! :) I will. I will have no problem :).

Sorry there are no pictures in this post, but, there will be pictures sometime!!


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  1. Hey! I saw your comment. I hope you like Korea, I love it! I am down at Camp Walker in Daegu so I am a few hours away from where you are right now. I wish we were closer and we could get together right away but if you need any help with anything or have any questions about being in Korea or being a new Army wife then please let me know. And if I make it up your way I will be sure to keep in touch so we can meet up (you do the same :D ). Email me at megandubyuh(at)gmail(dot)com and we chat more.


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