Korea, Day 4.

Not sure how long I will be able to keep up with how many days I am in Korea, but, I kind of find it fun to post my titles like that. Hehehe. We will see how long that lasts! 

I did have a mini adventure today. Nothing too great though, and nothing picture-worthy as I rode a cab to base, and rode the bus around base instead of walking (because I went alone). 

I went to base this afternoon to meet up with Hubbers on his lunch time. It was pretty fun, Lisa did not feel like coming though cause she had a rare feeling to clean and she said that she needed to roll with it. Wish I could have helped a bit... because the Hubbers and I are staying here with them, but, I needed to get out of the house and visit the Hubbers and by the time I got back, the place was all nice and shiny clean. :). 

Anyhow, I rode in the cab all by myself today. Man, I cannot understand their English at all, I try so very hard though!! And then I just feel like a dumb ass... lol. I think you just get used to their accent with time, or something? But I made it to base, and I even made it to Subway (where I was meeting Hubbers). I then got to meet a few of the people he works with and another couple :). They gave me a ride to the place where you can get name badges and I bought a couple for Hubbers. After that I wandered over to the USO and they gave me a phone charger for my stupid Korean phone... lol. 

Hubbers and I went for a walk to The Ville today, just to see what else was there. I did not bring along my camera though because it was getting dark (and Hubbers asked "You're bringing your camera??? There isn't much to take pictures of!") I am sure I could have found something. Haha. Ah well. 

Tomorrows plans are titled LAUNDRY ADVENTURES... HAH. :) It will be great. We have to go onto base to do laundry because apparently this unit is the ONLY unit in these apartment complexes without a washer and dryer! Weird! Haha. Ah well. It will be fun non-the-less!! One thing the Hubbers and I are going to do when we are able to get our own apartment is MAKE SURE that having a washer and dryer is in the contract!! And then we are going to invite the Lisa over to do her laundry at our place! Instead of on base! Good plan eh?? :) 


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  1. Their English is pretty hard to understand at first. But, trust me, you'll get used to it. Facial expressions and hand gestures will get you pretty far too. I smile and nod or shrug and look confused all the time. They get the idea and adjust how they speak accordingly. :) P.S. I'm jealous that y'all have a Subway. All we have is Burger King, blah.


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