Korea, Day 5.

Well, today I accomplished something IMPORTANT!! LAUNDRY!! Ahha, just like I told you yesterday that today was LAUNDRY ADVENTURE DAY! :) Woohoo. Haha. 
I am also thankful that the laundromat on base is super cheap!! I did two wash loads ($1.25 each) and then just put them together in the dryer ($0.50!!) So a grand total of $3 to wash clothes! That was flipping amazing. Compared to the washers and dryers at my old college dorms! I think they were $1.75 each!! Man, I was impressed! Haha. 

I didn't take any pictures of the laundromat... lol. That is all I did today, unfortunately. I just thought that I could spare you guys the humdrum and wait for something great to post! :) 


He is my Dad's dog. He is a dopey guy. Pretty much one of the best dogs I know! :) He, Cutter, and I had a fun little photoshoot of him on my Dad's couch (when I visited before I left for Korea). Haha. He was pretty excited to get his picture taken. He looks so cute and innocent here! Don't turn your back on him though... He will DEFINITELY sneak in any chance to lick your face off! Hehehe.


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