Korea, Day 3.

Today, Lisa and I went back to base to go to the PX and the Commissary to pick up a couple of things we didn't remember yesterday. There are 3 different ways to walk to base from where we are living. They are all nice walks! Some shorter than others... today we did the 'short' walk to base. And guess what?? I remembered my memory card this time! Yay! So here are some pictures from it!
So, this is actually almost there... Well, almost to "The Ville". "The Ville" is a little part of S.Korea that is pretty Americanized because it is right at the entrance of the base.
This is just right before you step into town.
There are so many of these spiders hanging out everywhere. They are called Golden Orb-Web Spiders (from what I can look up). They are very pretty, as far as spiders go... They're also very intimidating... Cause they're freaking HUGE... I would say that they are almost the side of my hand... Not even exaggerating.
If you look closely at the second picture you can see this gorgeous colored door in it! :) I really loved this door, it is so bright and cheerful! I had to take a picture of it. 
It is really weird, their houses are pretty crappy, I tell ya. Especially from the outside. It seems as though they totally don't care what anyone thinks. Even the house that looks the most desolate is occupied... They're pretty much shacks around here. And they grow all of their own food pretty much. There are tons of rice patties here too. But in pretty much every yard, they are growing some sort of squash, cabbage, and fruit... 

So far the weather here has been really nice. And it is supposed to stay nice for the rest of the week and through the weekend. That is going to be awesome because we are planning a trip up to Osan on Saturday. :)



  1. We have orb weavers here in the states...they pack a painful bite, but not a venomous one. Are the ones there actual banana spiders?! I can't remember off the top of my head.

    I love that blue door!! So pretty!!

  2. omgosh Id pee my pants and run away screaming if I saw a spider like that

  3. Wow, Korea! Thats got to be so crazy. I can't imagine picking up and moving to another country. We don't have any overseas bases on our dream sheet right now, and as far as I know, the chances of us ever leaving the US with my husbands upcoming job will be slim to none, so- I'm really looking forward to following your journeys and looking at your pictures. Only, those spiders... no thank you, haha.


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