Korea, Day 2.

Today was a fun day.

So far I am really enjoying being here with the Hubbers and living with the H's (living with them until we can get our own living arrangements taken care of). 

Hubbers had a 6:30a formation, and his alarm went off at 5a. Good thing we went to bed early last night because, I couldn't go back to sleep! So he was off doing his Army thing I was sitting here on the internets! And then just before 7a I looked outside and the sun was bright red. Too bad by the time I got outside to take a picture the sun was too high to be big and red! But here are some pictures of S.Korea:
Just the views from the roof of our apt complex that we are staying in.
:) I got to hang out and get to know Lisa. We went onto base today to get me into DBIS, so I can freely get on and off base, and get my rations card, so I can again, freely, go in and out of places like the PX and Commissary. :) We taxi'd to base, then hopped on a bus to ride (the base is HUGE) to the office for DBIS and such. :)  

Thankfully there is a Starbucks on base, so I think I'll live just fine over here! Hahaha. 

I got to have lunch with the Hubbers at the CAC, and it was... not that great. LOL. I guess there are other things to eat there that are better... so maybe next time I will try something else.

So on the way home, Lisa and I walked, I tried to take some more pictures ... and I totally left my memory card in my laptop! So going to try that again tomorrow. It was really too bad that I forgot the card because they were having a market day in the ville and there were a ton of fun pictures to take!! 



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  1. Yay,I'm glad you are able to get out and about already! I'm so excited to hear about all your adventures and see your pictures.


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