*insert witchy laugh here*

What was your favorite costume as a kid?
Define... Kid... Haha. Kidding, well, I guess I wasn't too much of a kid. I mostly remember dressing up as a pumpkin, and Wednesday from the Adam's Family... Her name was Wednesday right?? Or was it... Tuesday? haha Either way... Then I remember dressing up as a cheerleader in High School. Only because my junior year I was actually a cheerleader! Ha! So I decided (since the uniform was nearly $500!) I would be a cheerleader whenever I could. I still have the uniform, but I didn't pack it with me here to Korea. My senior year of high school my best friend and I both dressed as cheerleaders but we wore the football shirts with it covered in fake blood. That's right, we were rebellious cheerleaders! 

Was that costume homemade?
Well... we did add the blood ourselves... 
What are your plans this year for Halloween? 
This year? Well, I guess there is this thing going on... but I don't have a costume... I should have bought that one that I saw in the magazine before I left the states... *le sigh*
What is your favorite Halloween Movie?
Um... I dunno. I don't really watch that many halloween movies... although I do love some Ghost Shows like GHOST ADVENTURES and I love reading about my fellow MilSpouse STACI's ghostly tales!

What did you always wish you would find in your candy bag?
Snickers, Reese's, Twix... Tootsie rolls. I'm not too picky!!
If you could vote on the best costume you have ever seen what would it have been?
OH man... I dont know. haha. In my years of Halloween-ing... I haven't really seen too many costumes. I really love it though when people really get into it. Like... they would at Kumoricon and Blizzcon!!  

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Anyway, I also wanted to share with you my yesterday! I had such fun! I went to the AK Plaza (A HUGE Korean mall) with a fellow spouse over here in Korea to find some cold winter clothes! Their malls are crazy cool! For one, the bathrooms are RAD, haha, their toilet seats are heated and they are just gorgeous in there (I think just the mall though, no other places). Other than that, there aren't too many walls, it is kind of like a huge market. The spaces are open and friendly. And a lot of the time they only carry one item of each style! I was lucky to find my awesome hoodie that I bought in a larger size! (Korean sizes are SUPER small! I had to get XXL!). This mall is 8 stories high and has a sky garden from the top. You may remember the pictures I posted the other day of THE VIEW

The AK Plaza mall is a pretty great place. I could spend quite some time there as they have lots of food, many stores, a Starbucks, and a book store. Even though the bookstore's books are all in Korean, they had a fantastic little gift section where I purchased a really cute planner/datebook thing that I plan on sticking pictures in (16,000 won). :) I am pretty darn excited about it. Out of all the stores in the whole 8 stories, I spent the most time in the gift area of the bookstore... It gets me every time!

On the very first story of the mall there is a subway/train station and they also have a really cheap store that has items between 1000 and 10,000 won (about $1-$10 USD). I bought some really cute papers and some cheap munchies for the Subway ride.
We went over to Osan AFB, I found my coat and some long sleeve shirts in their BX. I really love being able to go on all bases and posts being an Army wife. It is pretty amazing. I bought my wonderful coat for around $90, a waterproof-type jacket for $55 (Hurley Brand), and 2 longer sleeve shirts, for a total of under $175, I thought I was doing pretty good. All-in-all, I spent a little over $200 on shopping, taxi's, busses, subways, food and Starbucks! I thought I did pretty good! haha. 
I had a really great time and learned the subway a little better.



  1. Oh my gosh i love the cheer-leading outfit with the blood! I have definatley recycled my uniform also!
    i just wanted you to know that i am so in love with GHOST ADVENTURES!
    that show is so insane and Zach just interrogates those ghosts like crazy!
    Thanks for linking, hope your Halloween is awesome!

  2. glad you found my blog :)

    you should totally do the 365 desk prompt, Kara is doing it too, so fun :)

    and thanks for all the sweet words, it is hard to balance it all. some weeks are better than others. can't wait to get to know you better, the blog world is so great and supportive!



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