Seoul Zoo

Yesterday the couple that we live with, Me, and the Hubbers went to the Seoul Zoo! I was so excited to go to the zoo!! I love the zoo, it has to be one of my most favorite places to go! 

We took the Metro (Tram, subway thing). To Seoul... yes, it is a difficult thing to navigate... We got lost a couple of times, but it was a learning experience. 

Anyway! I took lots of pictures! 

This was really cool. Of course, it wasn't a real stump or anything... But on the inside there were stairs and decorations. I didn't spend too much time in there because there were animal heads and fur on the walls... And that made me sad. BUT the outside of it was super cool!

I'm hatching!!

The husband looks super excited here... lol. He was...

Oh yeah, the ostrich. The Hubbers had to help me up onto it!

This was seriously the cutest thing in the entire Zoo. A mini fox guy! Yes.


I really don't think I had ever seen a fox close up before. They really aren't as cute as I want them to be. But, I would still take one as a pet! 

Yes, they had cougars at the zoo. I thought that was sort of funny because we have these back in Oregon. I really am glad though that they had them because there were BABY cougars!!

The only real sad thing about this zoo trip, (okay, there was more than one sad thing), I missed out on the giraffes... Ugh. Stupid me, we totally missed them at the beginning of the zoo... The other sad thing was that there were some animals that were definitely in too small of cages. :( . That is why I like the Portland Oregon zoo way better they have HUGE habitats for their animals. 
It's okay that I missed the giraffes though, that just means that I get to go back another time!



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