Korea, Day 7.

Yesterday we went to Osan.
It was pretty okay. It got dark pretty fast so I didn't take too many pictures. We went through Pyoengtaek to the AK Plaza. It's a huge mall. We didn't spend too much time there though. Maybe sometime in the future, we will. Or, I will go with some of the other wives here!
We went on top of the mall to the "Sky Garden" and I got the following pictures from it:

Then we headed out to Osan (on the subway train thing), well... Not really Osan, more like the Osan Air Force base's little huge Ville... haha. It was pretty neat. There are tons of stores there. I really like how they have a lot of stuff outside. Pretty much there is only drinking and shopping to do there. I want to go again because I saw some neat phone booths there too, but it was too dark to take pictures of. 

Even their BX is huge! We didn't get to go to their commissary, but that is okay. I don't need to be jealous of their BX AND Commissary! Haha. Although, if the booths that I found, and liked (in their BX) are still there next weekend... I think I am going to buy them... If they are comfortable enough. I didn't try them on...

Today we are just doing a little bit of shopping and grabbing some things from Hubber's barracks that we need here! :) Not too eventful, but maybe I will find a picture or two to take!


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