What I Want Wednesday; YELLOW Edition! (I know it is the color y'all have been waiting for! haha)

Yellow... I can never decide if I really love you that much or not... BUT I did find some AWESOME things with YELLOW recently! :) Yay. Makes me appreciate you much more Mr. Yellow.
yeah okay... they are just pencils... BUT... LOOK AT HOW THEY ARE PACKAGED. Hahha, how cool is that?!
 Pretty little rain drop earrings. Full of sunshine and happy. Am I right?
A gorgeous yellow rain droplet necklace, I am pretty sure you could wear it with anything!
Yellow balloon. :) Cutest little elephant you ever did see!
I want all my frames in my house to feel as happy as this one does.
I am pretty sure I am into the rain droplets. I really like them a lot!
I am really going to have to invest in more shoes than ... what I have... which are three pair... OH WAIT FOUR pair... (but that includes my wedding heels...) I wanna be a sexy Army wife. Haha. Anyway. These gorgeous Anthropology heels are kinda to die for ;).

Anyhoot. I have no idea how many people really look at my what I want Wednesdays... But I find it really fun to get the fact that I want things... out in the open. Haha. :) 

It might be fun to start a community what we want Wednesday?? What do you think??


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