Sorry Sorry!!

The wedding was amazing and absolutely perfect. Of course there were some hiccups, however, it couldn't have turned out any better! The people were amazing and comfortable. It did rain in the morning but by the time that the wedding began it was a gorgeous day! All was perfect, I am just saying! I will definitely put up some pictures when I get the chance. I have some up on my Facebook at the moment. Not professional pictures yet, she is going to take a little bit of time to edit them! But it is going to be awesome. 

I did get my new camera, a Cannon Rebel T1i!! Here is one picture that is my favorite out of the ones that I took.

Okay, Okay, okay... I can't just share one photo... Here are a couple of other ones. Oh yeah, and I designed my own watermark on Gimp! 

It was really fun going up to Mt. Hood and exploring around Trillium Lake taking photos with the Hubbers. 

Just wanted to stop by and apologize for the lack of postiness! The Hubbers came home and we were spending time together. Anyhow. Things hopefully will be back to normal sometime next week.  :) Thanks all.


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  1. Great pictures babe! I had so much fun going picture hunting with you!


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