Makes Me Happy Monday :)

Here we are for another round of happy!! Isn't this exciting. I really love sharing with you all what is getting me through the week! 

I would really like people to participate with me! :) Wouldn't that be fun? Spreading smiles and goodness all throughout Monday :)! 

You could share something that has made you happy this week at home, or maybe... A picture that you took, or possibly something that your significant other or friend has done for you to make you happy. Or maybe, if you're like me... really simple things that you come across online, like a picture, for instance, and it gives you warm fuzzies... I wanna see it. :) We are all going to have different things that will put a smile on our faces, but I really want to branch out! :) Join me! 

Here we go! 

1. What is making me happy this week? Well today, I am picking up my man from the air port! :) Yay for seeing him for the first time since April!! It's going to be such a great reunion! Hopefully SOMEONE will take pictures. Then, I can share with you! 
2. 6 days until our wedding. We are already married, but, just on paper. :) haha. It will be awesome to wear my dress and feel super pretty!!
 Absolute cuteness right here. Man-o-man, pretty much the most gorgeous little cuppy cakes I ever did see!! I definitely wouldn't eat them. For one, because I don't like cake, and for two... because... They are just too cute to eat. I love how the picture was taken as well. Great job person whoever took this piccy! Go you for brightening my day with your sparkly cuppy cakes!

 Oh, don't worry. I already am 100% of the time. ;)

Besides my smart ass remarks about how awesome I am. This pic is AWESOME. Haha My man and I kind of have this inside-ish joke about calling me awesome, and how we have little awesomes sitting on our shoulders... Anyway... I try to expand it from being an inside joke to being a joke for everyone... but then everyone looks at me like I am crazy. Maybe I am!

 You almost wouldn't really know these flowers were roses, they seem too... fluffy?? Hhaha. I really liked them though. They are the most gorgeous pink color. I think that one day I am going to have to have a garden. I am also, one day, going to have to stop being lazy so that I can work in that garden and make it the best garden that ever was! haha. :) It would definitely have these roses in it! At least one bush! I guess it is a good thing that my man doesn't want to live in the city. That way I can have a gorgeous garden.

Wouldn't it?

7. Bachelorette party this Friday! 'nuff said!

And I leave you with that. Please join in, let me know what is making you happy today!
I will try and post later about picking up the man from the airport and how fantastic it was. We may also be going out to eat and such after. So... Don't get too hopeful that it will happen tonight. The next two weeks are going to be super busy for me with the husband, you know. Him being on leave and all. We are trying to do so much in the 12 days that he is going to be here!!


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