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It is another day closer to me moving to S. Korea. I honestly cannot wait! :) All I have to do is get my name changed on my passport and then I will have all the necessary info (on my end anyhow) to be able to go to Korea! The Hubbers also told me today that he found REALLY great rates for a plane ticket!! Which is pretty much anything under $1,000 he found a ticket for a little over $700! Basically to us, that is amazing news!

So since I have about a month until I get to go to S.Korea and see The Hubbers... I got myself a Cannon Rebel T1i, which I think I mentioned in another post. I am very excited that I have this new hobby now. I also downloaded Gimp, pretty neat little editing program. It is a lot like Photoshop but FREE :).

It was really fun when the Hubbers and I went photo hunting. We drove up to Trillium Lake and explored the area. We did run into a couple of black tail deer, and we were trying really hard to get a cute chipmunk. It was a nice little drive, it was a beautiful day, and the Hubbers knew where he was going. I love that.
 This was taken right before we went on this little bit of a drive. It was really nice, a little cold, a little bit windy, but a gorgeous day none-the-less!
There were so many great flowers to take pictures of while we were exploring!! Man, I love being able to take such detailed pictures. I have ALWAYS envied those pictures!
This has to be one of my favorites!! I was really surprised that there were so many flowers out still. Early September they usually start to die off... But there were so many gorgeous PURPLE ones!! 
See?? Man. These were some really great wild flowers! I really like how spread out the pedals were on the flower! 
Yes, the typical daisy. But this wasn't just any daisy... This daisy in particular was calling my name in it's perfection. BEGGING me to take a picture of it before it wilted away.

This was on the way back from our little adventure :). It was such great fun. I absolutely love Mt. Hood. :) And these things are always better with your Hubbers!

I had such a fantastic day exploring with the Hubbers. He did a lot of hiking and camping before he joined the Army, so luckily, we never got lost! :) However, there were lots of gravel roads, so it was a must to wash the vehicle when we were done!!


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  1. <3<3 your photos!!!!!!
    Congratulations on your marriage!


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