What I Want Wednesday; White Edition!

I have an odd love for all things white... White makes me feel... Clean, tan, skinny, and pretty much perfect. I love the way a new white shirt fits and looks and feels. There is just something about having those white clean t-shirts around all the time...

 I also love paper... what a perfect combination!
As always, Anthropology has the best items... i think this... dress?? Shirt... thing, would look doubly cute layered or something! With some jeans maybe??
Skunkboy Creatures... Man, she makes the BEST plushies ever! This unicorn is so freaking adorable that I almost feel like my life is a million times better after even seeing a picture of it...
This item is sold, and it looks like the Etsy shop is no longer existent... however, I really love this print and think it would be fun to come up with one of my own somehow. It says it is printed on vintage dictionary paper. How cool is that?
So not too long ago, I began a collection of cute little birdies... MAN these little birdie vases would go SPECTACULARLY in my collection :)
I seriously... would just be on cloud nine if I owned any of these. TOO FREAKING CUTE. 
Sometimes... you just need a reminder
White-on-white, you just cannot go wrong. :)
I would totally make this for my kid... if I had one...
These little eggs are tooooooo cute! And guess what? On the insides they are packed full of surprise! They are colored on the inside... Totally a great idea!

So what do you think? Have you a love for things white? Or am I just weird? Have you found any great finds lately?


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