Makes Me Happy Monday

Sometimes each week it just takes a lot to get through... Especially on Monday. It helps me to find things that I really like and put a smile on my face. I want to try something new. Every Monday I want to post at least 5 things that have made me smile. :) It can really help me get through a crummy day or even put make a could-be-crappy-day into a day that isn't crappy at all. :)

I would really like people to participate with me! :) Wouldn't that be fun? Spreading smiles and goodness all throughout Monday :)! 

You could share something that has made you happy this week at home, or maybe... A picture that you took, or possibly something that your significant other or friend has done for you to make you happy. Or maybe, if you're like me... really simple things that you come across online, like a picture, for instance, and it gives you warm fuzzies... I wanna see it. :) We are all going to have different things that will put a smile on our faces, but I really want to branch out! :) Join me! 

Without further ado... :) 
The first Makes Me Happy Monday post by me :)

1. It is getting closer and closer to my wedding day. Closer and closer to the day that the soon to be hubby is back here with me! And closer and CLOSER to me being with him forever and ever. 
This is so true. I love that I came across it over at We(HEART)It. It's a nice quote and I think I am going to try and follow it this week. :)

This kitty is definitely smiling, and is definitely happy. I cannot wait until I can get my new camera and take gorgeous photos like this one. :) I also cannot wait until I can have the chance to convince Fiance (in person) that I need a kitty...

Okay. Really look, and I mean really look at this picture. How happy would you be standing on a dirt road with fields surrounding you, the sky is bright, the clouds are fluffy. And the final picture has the most amazingly placed (well I am sure it might have been an accident) sun glare. Imagine being here. Would you be happy? I know I would. :)

The beach. I could go ON and ON and ON about how freaking great the beach is. I actually dreamed about the beach last night, now that I think about it. That was kind of awesome! What a great way to start the day. Besides the fact that this picture almost makes me want to giggle with excitement, I am THANKFUL that it made me recall what my dream was about! NEAT!

6. (one more for good picture measure)
*Eyes wide* Look at how wonderfully this picture was taken. I am sure that there was some photoshop use-age, but hey, I can appreciate that! Photoshop takes skills too! I love this anyway. Wildflowers are gorgeous! And the fact that the picture has rounded edges really adds to it too. I really just want a bouquet of wildflowers for my wedding, and that is all the flowers I really need! But anyway, this picture makes me AWE, and smile a little. Oh how I envy the talent of others :).

This concludes my debut of Makes me Happy Mondays. How did it go for you? I feel really good about it. I feel like now any time this week I am feeling blah and not so happy I should come back to this post and see what has made me happy on one of the most blah days of the week! Heheh. What do you think? What makes you happy today? (remember to link up in the comments to your post too, I would really love to see what's got you giggly :))


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