Makes Me Happy Monday :)

Here we are for another round of happy! :) You should really join in! I could be fun, I think! I somehow just need to get the word out ;). You should help me with that! Hehhe. 

I would really like people to participate with me! :) Wouldn't that be fun? Spreading smiles and goodness all throughout Monday :)! 

You could share something that has made you happy this week at home, or maybe... A picture that you took, or possibly something that your significant other or friend has done for you to make you happy. Or maybe, if you're like me... really simple things that you come across online, like a picture, for instance, and it gives you warm fuzzies... I wanna see it. :) We are all going to have different things that will put a smile on our faces, but I really want to branch out! :) Join me! 
Here we go! 

I have finally saved up enough money to buy myself a really nice camera!! Not a fake camera, I just liked this picture the best hahaha. I think it is super cute! :). So if any of you know really anything about cameras I would really love to hear about the suggestions that you have. I want a DSLR that a ... slightly more than a beginner could use, but also something that I am not going to hate once I get good, you know? Please, if you have suggestions, or advice, I would love to hear it! 
 Buying myself a new one of these! :) The one with the AM/FM, and video capabilities! How exciting?! Right?! That is happening. I shipped my old one to my fiance so that he could listen to music on the plane ride home, or exercising, or any time he feels like it! So, since I really wanted a new one because it has the AM/FM radio on it, AND VIDEO... hehe. I was like, I am buying a new one. Haha. 
They're puffy frames... hahaha. I think they are super cool. Other than the fact that they are puffy, this picture makes me smile because it is so colorful and whimsical. It would be so neat to have this out on your porch or something!

Right?! Right!?!? So true. This is a great quote, I love quotes so much especially when they ring so true! LIFE is AWESOME. Life is awesome if you let it be awesome! :)

 Man'o'man, this rings true! Last week my bestie and I just hung out on her porch for like 4 hours and talked and talked and talked! Time went by so fast. It was amazing. We happened to be drinking coffee as well. Haha. Those are the best times, I am telling you. I am so glad to have some good friends that you can do nothing with and have the best of times!

So tell me, is there anything that you have come across with recently that just makes you giddy? Please do share!! 


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